RV Maintenance Tips for Those Who Rent Out Their RV

Keep Your RV Money Maker Running

Maintaining an RV is never easy. While it is just a vehicle, an RV can be a vacation cottage, safe room, office, or even kitchen. They are costly and require more attention than standard cars and trucks.
The majority of RV’s cost can go above the 6-figure mark. Therefore, such a massive investment requires care. After investing lots of money in an RV, you have to make sure it’s in the perfect rental condition.
These handy tips help keep your RV in shape.

Ensure All Seals are Intact

The majority of recreational vehicles have problems with moisture leakages. These leakages can be detrimental to your RV’s life. Therefore, you need to make sure all openings’ seals are tight enough to prevent moisture.

Check all seals on doors, roofs, and windows after every three months. Ensure there are no water stains, loose pieces, or cracks on the seals. In case you experience any of these issues, carry out immediate replacements.

Having tight seals prevents moisture that would otherwise promote mold and damage to some parts. Mold damage can cause losses amounting to thousands of dollars if not checked immediately.

Keep All Tires and Wheels in Good Condition

Before embarking on any trip, ensure that all tire and wheel aspects are in good condition. Always check tire pressure and any slow punctures that might wreak havoc while on a journey. Besides, check the tire thread to confirm the general condition of your tires.

Check all wheel nuts to ensure they haven’t loosened. Driving with loose wheel nuts is dangerous and can cause a bad accident, should a wheel snap out.

Lastly, check any deformations and bends on your RV’s wheels. The majority of RVs pass rough terrains that may deform wheels. Bend wheels create control problems that can affect gas mileage.

Service the Generator and Batteries Regularly

The last thing one would want is a dead RV battery on a camping trip. With practically no one around to help, it can ruin the camper’s experience. Letting both your batteries sit unused for long might lead to loss of charge.

If you are using acid batteries, check the water levels regularly. For maintenance-free batteries, ensure they are charging correctly. The goal should be to ensure that the RV’s batteries are always fully charged.

Ensure Regular Oil Service

How regularly do you service your RV? An oil change is a critical maintenance that keeps your RV running for an extended period.

Change both engine and transmission oils after every 3000- 4500 miles. This helps keep the RVs drive train in good condition and ready for the next journey.

Older RVs require regular oil change to run perfectly. This is because worn out parts diminish oil viscosity and lessen its effectiveness. For instance, a 20-year old RV requires more regular oil change than a 5-year old one.

Check any oil leaks beneath the RV. Undetected leakages can cause the RV’s transmission to seize abruptly.

Always Have a Surge Protector in Place

If there is something always overlooked by RV owners, then it’s the surge protector. RV electrical systems and appliances need a constant voltage level to operate effectively. However, this is always never the case, as voltage can be affected by lightning or equipment damage.

Changes in voltage can destroy computers, TVs, and other RV appliances. To avoid this, you need to install a surge protector. This protector shuts down automatically following abrupt changes in the power supply. This helps maintain a constant level of voltage to avoid damage or electrical appliances.

Flash Out Holding Tank After Each Trip

Sanitation is highly critical in RVs. For that matter, no one would want a black tank overflow. Therefore, make sure you flash it out after every trip. This is essential for maintaining the RV’s hygiene.

As soon as the RV holding tank gets to 2/3 mark, find for the most appropriate way of emptying it. Flashing out the holding tank requires the use of appropriate chemicals. Look for the best treatments that will protect your renters from a stinky trip.

The Bottom Line

Maintaining an RV can be tricky. However, with these tips, your RV will always be up and running. As long as it is in good condition, finding renters will never be a problem.

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