Why become a host?

Easy to list your RV

Listing your RV is easy and free! Provide details about your RV along with pricing, photos, dates when your RV will be available for rent. You set the rules for how and when your RV will be used.

Receive Rental Requests

Once your listing is complete, you will begin to receive requests from interested renters. You get to choose who will be able to rent your RV and when.

Earn Money From Your RV

RVnGO will deposit the money you earn from rentals directly into your bank account. You get 100% of the rental, we don't take any fees from you. You will begin off-setting the cost of owning your RV with your rental income!

Need Insurance? We have you covered!

You'll need RV rental insurance because regular insurance does not cover rentals, but we have you covered. All transactions processed through the RVnGO platform are automatically covered by our $1 million liability coverage for hosts and guests during a rental. You don't have to buy RV rental insurance and pay the expensive monthly premium. Our insurance is underwritten by AAA carriers and the compelling daily insurance rate is paid by the guest as part of the rental. You can even do insurance transactions (how-to article for setting that up.)

No Listing Fees - No Owner Transaction Fees!

No wonder RVnGO is the fastest growing listing site! There's no listing fees and no transaction fees. Hosts keep 100% of the booking charges. Guests pay only a 3% credit card fee.

We built a true booking and transaction platform. Inquiries are sent directly to you, we don't intercept leads and shop them around. We don't waste your time with 'fake' leads generated by a bot to make you think you're getting hits. When you get an inquiry from us, it's directly from a customer that wants to rent your RV!