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Bring the comforts of home with you on the road. Escape and Explore, Cruise the American Highways in an RV rental. Try our free Person to Person network, or what we like to call our Person to Person Network. We are committed to bringing people closer together by letting people disconnect to reconnect through renting an RV. We do this by cutting out all the stuff that keeps you from doing the things you love with the people you love. Cultivating a community of committed RVers built on trust and transparency.

We have many options for you, whether you are you looking for an ADA Compliant, Wheelchair Accessible RV or a Pet Friendly RV we have you covered. You can find the perfect RV for a one way RV rental or an RV with a return trip. We even offer RVs and trailers that can be delivered to you.

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Renting an RV is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

Whether you want to rent a motor home or rent a travel trailer, at RVnGO we make it safe and easy to rent an RV. We have a huge selection of recreational vehicles for rent directly from Hosts that want to make your RV experience a special memory you'll never forget. So go ahead and find your perfect RV for rent.

Step 1 – Register an account and find your perfect RV.

Step 2 – Send an inquiry to the Host or owner of the RV and make a booking.

Step 3 – Pay for the RV, pack your bags and go on your adventure!

We have you covered. There's 24/7 roadside assistance available and you are automatically covered by our $1 million auto liability coverage policy, because we care about you.

Be careful of other listing sites, they only cover you up to the state minimum for insurance, that's as low as $5,000 in some states. You should also beware of Hosts that ask you too book directly with them - you won't be covered by our insurance (they may not have any insurance or most that do only carry state minimum) and our money back guarantee - we don't charge our hosts any fees so they don't have any reason to pull you off the most trusted RV rental platform.

How to Make Money Renting Your RV

Start making money with your RV when you're not using it – quickly, easily and securely on the world's first free person-to-person platform.

List your RV on RVnGO

Listing your RV is easy and free! Provide details about your RV along with pricing, photos, dates when your RV will be available for rent. You set the rules for how and when your RV will be used.

Receive Rental Requests

Once your listing is complete, you will begin to receive requests from interested renters. You get to choose who will be able to rent your RV and when.

Earn Money and Grow Your Small Business

You get 100% of the booking, there's no transaction or hosting fees. RVnGO will deposit the money you earn from rentals directly into your bank account. You will begin off-setting the cost of owning your RV with your rental income!

Benefits of Renting your RV

Rent out your RV when you're not using it, to qualified and verified renters that you get to approve. Take advantage of tax savings opportunities when you list your RV for rent with RVnGO.

Regular RV insurance won't cover rentals, but we have you covered! All rentals processed through RVnGO are covered by our comprehensive insurance coverage with $1 million auto liability coverage and $200,000 RV property damage coverage. You don't have to get RV rental insurance and pay expensive monthly premiums. The Guest pays the affordable nightly insurance premium.

Do it your way. Specify your prices, set any special rates like pet friendly fees, add your add-ons (like your own roadside assistance, sports or other packages) describe them and set their price, and add your own Rules of Use. Then sit back and let the power of our booking and processing engine find you leads and process transactions.

RVnGO is a powerful back end fleet management tool, use it to manage your fleet and bookings, no matter the source, for free. The 3% credit card fee is paid by the Guest for each rental. Hosts that have adopted the full RVnGO business solution by switching to our booking platform and nightly RV rental insurance paid by the guest have saved on having to pay insurance premiums, credit card processing fees and generating leads, doubling their profits and making their businesses a lot easier to run.