Fresh Water Systems And Your RV Camping Trip

Fresh Water & Your RV RVnGO

The Importance of Fresh Clean Water

Do you know someone like this? Whenever I get a headache, my wife asks how much water have you drank today? If she sees my skin getting dried out, she asks how much water have you drank today? As I am getting older and the dreaded wrinkles are setting in, my wife notices and asks how much water have you drank today?

Did you know that Water allows the body to absorb and assimilate minerals, vitamins, amino acids, glucose and other substances? Were you also aware that Water acts as a lubricant for joints and muscles? Pure water flushes out toxins, improves your complexion, relieves headaches, promotes weight loss, helps keeps skin youthful and, aids in digestion. So when your water is of poor quality, your mind and body can’t function properly. You may feel sluggish, bloated, and dehydrated without the proper amount of high quality water. Since our body is about 70% water and our brain is mostly water, drinking it helps you think, focus and concentrate better and be more alert.

Using the purest form of water has hereby become a necessity to lead a healthy life. Even while washing your cooking and eating utensils, fruits or vegetables, or while drinking, we need the purest form of water to be able to have the most of our energy and do our best.

Tap Water Isn't Good Enough

But I’ll just drink water from the faucet. What’s the difference? Well, There IS a difference between Tap Water, Filtered Water and, Bottled Water and, Pure Drinking Water and, there is still danger from using plain tap water. Water from the tap still tends to have harmful chemicals from industrial waste and other sources. These chemicals include chlorine, and fluoride (Which is great in a toothpaste for white teeth as long as ya don’t swallow it). Also in our tap water are traces of minerals like lead or mercury. These can cause major life-threatening situations for organisms living inside and outside water. 

Water Use And Your RV

We now understand the importance of water. If you’re driving around metro areas or between major cities or between RV Parks or a resort with full RV hookups, or a campground with a good water RVing with Pure Clean Water RVnGOsupply, then water may be easily accessible. 

If you’re wild camping or away from a designated campground or RV Park and there’s no water close to your boondocking location, you may have no choice but to travel with the water on board.

Potable Water, Gray Water and, Black Water

The water system in your RV uses three separate holding tanks: potable water, black water, and gray water. The potable (fresh, clean, drinkable water) is pumped through your RV’s faucets, shower, and toilet. Gray water is the wastewater from the kitchen, bathroom sinks as well as the shower. And the final one is the RV septic tank, also known as the black water tank, because well, it’s the nastiest water.

Find A Water Purifier For Your RV

So you know the importance of pure water and ya know about the 3 holding tanks and if your at an RV park or close to a metro area, you can get clean pure drinking water. But hey, You got an RV so you could go camping in style AWAY from people with the total freedom from civilization’s trappings. That means germ and bacteria too!

Vacationing completely off-grid is choosing to live free, but a sketchy water source or NO water source can ruin that! Unlike other water purification units in the market and, let’s face it, there are hundreds of them. We found this unique company – Acuva systems.

Acuva Water Purification for RVs.Their water purifier, using an UV-LED process can eliminate up to 99.9999% of all kinds of nasty, waterborn bacteria and viruses, which can go undetected by other average filters. Now you can drink from any water source with an Acuva water purification system on board.  What is neat about this technology is it’s chemical free, sustainable and maintenance free. 

To learn more, visit their website here.

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