2014 Crossroads Sunset Reserve

in Port Deposit, MD

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Rates, Deposits, & Fees

Booking Deposit
Security Deposit (refundable)
Prep Fee
Tank Emptying
Ice Chest
Gas Grill
Local Delivery/Pickup Fee
Cleaning Fee
Setup/Takedown Fee
Pet Fee
Generator Rental



Sunset Reserve
Travel Trailer
36 ft.
Wheel Chair Accessible
This is a BIG travel trailer, if you like a lot of space this is the perfect travel trailer for you! Perfect for a family getaway or couples retreat! Take a road trip and make memories with those that mean the most to you with our spacious 2014 Crossroads Sunset Trail Reserve Travel trailer comes with all the tools you'll need on your trip. If you have any question feel free to send us a message!

If you have never towed a 36 foot trailer please do not learn with mine. Our unit is our family trailer and not just a rental. Therefore please treat our trailer like you own it. Accidents happen which is why we have insurance.

Amenity details:

Propane Range with Oven and 3 Burners

2 refrigerators and freezers, plenty of room to keep your food fresh. One runs on Propane or Electricity. The outdoor kitchen fridge runs on electricity. You also have the option to just use one refrigerator/freezer and the other set can be used for storage

We deliver! The first 30 miles are free and every mile thereafter is $1.65 per mile ROUND TRIP! Our zip is 21904, to figure out the price, it will be the amount of miles we have to travel from our zipcode to the zipcode of the drop off destination and back to our zipcode, and the miles we will have from our zipcode to the zipcode of pickup and back to our zipcode. Whatever the distance is roundtrip in miles, simply double that and you have your delivery price. For example, if the drop off location is 50 miles from our zip, it will be $280.50 for delivery mileage and a $75.00 setup/takedown. If there are tolls they need to be added in. I do my best to avoid them but its not always possible.

Dry Weight:7204 lbs, with GVWR 9,714 lbs make sure your vehicle has enough towing capacity to tow. Your vehicle must be equipped with electric brake controller. Load level Trailer hitch and sway control available with trailer.

We are pet friendly, just clean up after your pet. Additional $20.00 per night.

No added fees as long as camper is returned relatively neat and clean with black, grey, and fresh water tanks emptied. If not there is a $200 cleaning fee to put trailer back into rental shape. Please return the trailer as or better than it was provided to you. Remarkably to date I have always received the trailer back in as good or better shape then I have rented it.

Message me if you have further questions. We are ready to give you an awesome, convenient, and stress free experience. Available 24 x 7 for the duration of your rental. I am extremely flexible (to a point) and do whatever I can to make your stay/use as enjoyable a possible.


If delivering/picking up unit the Renter agrees to coordinate arrival and departure times. Renter must be present upon delivery and pickup. Renter agrees to return the equipment in the same shape as they found it and reimburse any damage to equipment provided. Renter agrees to stow the awning anytime the trailer is vacant or all occupants are sleeping to prevent damage. 1 battery on board for dry camping. Setup fee required for delivery/pickup and includes emptying/filling tanks once as appropriate upon arrival/departure. If picking up trailer the vehicle must be rated to tow a trailer this large and have a wired brake controller. Renters will be screened for their experience in towing. If you lack experience I reserve the right not to rent the trailer to you. You must provide year, make, and model of tow vehicle before I will approve a rental. If upon my assessment the vehicle doesn't meet requirements then I reserve the right not to rent the trailer to you. The trailer weighs ~7500 lbs empty.

  • CD
  • FM Radio
  • Roof Air
  • Refrigerator
  • Front Living
  • Stove
  • TV DVD
  • Front Kitchen
  • Shower
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Kitchen Dinnet
  • Wash Basin
  • Toilet
  • Kitchen Table
  • BBQ/
  • Outside Kitchen
  • Outside Sink
  • Outside Refrigerator
  • Outside Radio/Stereo
  • Outside TV
  • Outside Shower
  • Awning
  • Propane Tank

Within the 21904 Zip Code (exact location provided upon booking)
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