2014 Coachmen Pursuit

in Chula Vista, CA

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Rates, Deposits, & Fees

Booking Deposit
Security Deposit (refundable)
Prep Fee
100 miles/day
3 hours/day
Exterior scrub, wash, bug removal
HOURLY RATE - Interior cleaning (Min 1 hr)
HOURLY RATE - Wait time if customer doesn't arrive on time at start or end
Dog hair removal and deodorizing
Solar power with inverter -price per day-
Delivery and pick up to Campland on the Bay, Mission Bay RV Resort, and KOA Chula Vista

Class A
33 ft.
Wheel Chair Accessible
Thank you for clicking on our RV link and giving us the opportunity to earn your business and trust. I encourage you to search our business name RV Camping Rental on Google so you can read what prior customers have experienced when renting from us.

Our motorhome has a very spacious interior typical and expected on a Class A RV. It is suitable for a family with up to 9-10 guests depending on how many children, teens or adults come along as well as the level of privacy or comfort desired.

Kitchen has a decent size countertop that can be increased by placing the lid on the sink, making it ideal for entertainment and prepping your favorite meals. It has a three burner gas range, oven and microwave. Conveniently stocked with cooking utensils, pots, pans, coffee pot, dishware, silverware, drinking cups, coffee cups, dishwashing liquid and kitchen towel. Included as well is toilet paper, hand towel, cleaning tools, and trash bags. (Please let me know if you prefer to bring your own so we can remove these items for you)

Because it only measures 33', it will be easy for you to become familiar to drive it, specially if you are experienced driving a large SUV, full size truck or moving van. There are a ton of available campsites for its length as well as it is allowed to navigate through any National and Regional Park, State Beaches or RV Resorts roads everywhere in US. Very easy to drive because of its upgraded suspension. All of our customers have shared how it was a breeze for them to drive it and how well it handled. Strong engine that will climb any hill without hesitation.

The sofa bed (trifold) and the dinette were recently replaced with very high end furniture.

The rear main bedroom has its own TV so you can relax at night watching a movie or your favorite sport. The RV Queen bed has a walk around way so you can access your side of the bed easily or open the curtains. The bed was also upgraded with a very thick memory foam mattress, you will love it.

We also provide an additional 3" memory topper to be used with the sofa/trifold bed so your guests can sleep very comfortable.

Living area has a slide out where the sofa is located at, this will result in a much roomier area for your guests to sleep at night or simply interact during the day time.

The bunks have a single size bed at the bottom and another single size bed at the top. This mattress pads can be removed and use this area instead for storage.

The restroom has a generous space with a walk in shower, glass doors, tall toilet and the vanity has plenty of counter space.

IMMACULATE clean, newer tires, great shape, safe, reliable and very comfortable.

The jack stabilizers will assist you on leveling the motorhome nicely.

It has a solar panel with a very powerful battery which will keep your interior lights and all 12V systems running. This means you will not have to burn hours usage or fuel to run the generator in order to recharge the battery.

NOTE: All reservations for which we will be the ones delivering and picking up, and the RV will not be moved or transported by the customer will receive a greatly reduced damage deposit; please let me know along with the Campground and site number that needs to be delivered to so I manually override the system with the lower deposit. Also, if your reservation falls into a high-risk event such as NASCAR, EDC, Coachella or Stagecoach but you are NOT attending this event, let me know so I can manually change your rental rate. All those going to any of these events will have a higher deposit due to due risk involved.

We provide several services for your convenience:

1. Delivery, set up and pick up
2. Sewer tanks dumping, flushing several times and sanitizing
3. Exterior wash for those trips that will collect a lot of bugs, dirt or sand
4. San Diego International Airport, CBX or LAX round-trip transportation
5. Interior cleaning (hourly rate)
6. One-way rentals (we need to be reimbursed for the cost to travel to the RV location and drive it back to San Diego)
7. Chauffeur (hourly rate)
8. Linens, blankets or sleeping bags, pillows and towels for shower use only
  • CD
  • FM Radio
  • Factory Cab Air
  • Roof Air
  • Refrigerator
  • Front Living
  • Stove
  • TV DVD
  • Front Kitchen
  • Shower
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Kitchen Dinnet
  • Wash Basin
  • Toilet
  • Kitchen Table
  • Outside Shower
  • Awning
  • Leveling System
  • Generator
  • Propane Tank

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