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Buy Or Sell Your RV Without Advertising Fees

RVnGO RV Sales is for those who want to sell a new or used RV, or have listed an RV to rent and are now ready to sell the RV. This service is ideal for the RV dealership looking to add another free place to list your new and used RVs for sale.

RVnGO RV Sales is for anyone who is looking to buy an RV, especially if they’ve rented an RV and maybe even rented a few types of RVs, and now you are ready to buy.

Now you can easily buy or sell new and used RVs without any advertising fees. Unlike some websites that charge you to advertise and limit the time for your ads to run, with RVnGO, you can list an RV for free. For buyers, it is just like any other ad listing. There are zero fees to respond to an RV owner listing an RV for sale on RVnGO. Whatever arrangements are made between the seller and the buyer are strictly between the seller and buyer.

RVnGO makes no claims, warranties, or guarantees as to the performance or condition of any vehicle listed for sale on RVnGO.

Listing an RV for Sale is easy

Step 1 – Create a profile.

Step 2 – Go to the list my RV page (if you don’t already have a listing).

Step 3 – Create a listing, filling in all of the information and check the box “for sale”.

Buying an RV is just as easy

Step 1 – Create a profile.

Step 2 – Go to the RV Sales Page .

Step 3 – Select the city you are shopping in.

Step 4 – Search and select the RVs you would consider.

Step 5 – Reach out to the owner and make arrangements for a test drive & purchase.