Rent Your RV on Facebook Marketplace

How To List your RV For Rent On Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace offers a convenient way for people to sell certain types of items to other members of their community.

The first step is to create your profile and RV Rental Listing on 

Then open the Facebook Marketplace and click on “Create a new listing”. You are presented with a few options. Select “Vehicle for Sale”. and then a new pop up window will open up. Select the RV/Trailer from the Vehicle Type Drop Down list. and continue to fill out the fields. Add a few photos and for the “Make” enter your RV Make and add For Rent By Owner.

In the description you can put See website for availability and options and rates by cutting and pasting this link into your browser: and then include your RVnGO Listing link. Most people will reach out with a quick response of “Is it still available” and they won’t click on or attempt to cut and paste the link. So I just open the listing from the Facebook Messenger and select the link and paste it into the messenger window stating, yes it is still available. Please see the website for availability, pricing and options and then paste the link. So it would look like this: Yes it is still available. Please Check for options and availability at:

This way, you have the security and protection of using the RVnGO Rental Platform And you still have a wider audience of those who use the Facebook Marketplace. 

The Limitations of Facebook Marketplace for RV Rentals

When it comes to renting your RV without the security of a rental platform like RVnGO, though, Facebook Marketplace falls short in almost every way. You have no protections. Before you make the mistake of trying to list your RV Rental on Facebook Marketplace, read the following to understand the limitations and discover a better option while still leveraging the power and reach of the Facebook Marketplace. 

Listing items on Facebook Marketplace unfortunately, doesn’t support a rental option for vehicles. That is why you place “FOR RENT BY OWNER” in the title. You can rent an apartment or house on Facebook Marketplace, but you can only purchase vehicles, including recreational vehicles. 

Even if you could list RV rentals on Marketplace, you would need to find your insurance to protect yourself, and the renter. This complication makes it nearly impossible for Facebook Marketplace to offer any type of RV rental service and why you list your RV for rent for FREE on and then share the link inside your Facebook Marketplace ad.

RVnGO Offers a Better Solution for RV Rentals

Do not go to Facebook Marketplace when you want to rent an RV. Start the process by listing on 

No Transaction or User Fees

When you rent your RV out through, you never pay listing, transaction or user fees. 

Get Better Insurance for Your Protection

Accidents can happen to even the most careful drivers. Unfortunately, a site like Facebook Marketplace or RVTrader or newspaper listing can’t give you the insurance you need to protect your investment at all, let alone while it’s being rented. covers the RV rental with a $1 million auto liability policy and a $200,000 property damage policy. That is paid by the Guest (renter).

They also get 24/7 roadside assistance that keeps them on the road and having fun during their journey.  And You can rest easy knowing that everything is fully protected.

Protect Yourself From Scammers

Most websites don’t protect owners and renters from potential scams. When you use, all of your transactions go through the the RVnGO website instead of the RV’s owner. That way, you don’t have to worry about a scammer taking advantage of you either as the Host or Guest. 

How RV Owners Benefit From RVnGO also has several benefits for RV owners. Some people even use the service to grow their small businesses. Whether you want to rent or sell, listing on gives you an opportunity to earn more money from your vehicle. The more RVs you have, the more money you can make. 

Never Pay Listing, Transaction or User Fees

As the RV owner, you never pay any fees for using You can list, sell and rent your RV without spending any of your money. You get to keep more of your money, which makes it worth posting your RV rental on the site. 

You set your price and make money from a vehicle that you don’t plan to use. just charges the renter a small 3% Credit Card Processing Fee. That is the only charge from RVnGO. 

When you do want to use your RV, you can always update the availability calendar in your portal and when people inquire in Facebook Messenger if it is available, you can reply No.  When it is available again, you can reply YES! Check Out The Link For all the details… 

Promote Your Link to Attract Renters and Buyers

Naturally, You need to attract buyers or renters to earn money from your RV. Posting your RVnGO Listing link to places like Facebook Marketplace just helps promote your listing. It doesn’t take long for people to find your listing and follow the link to your profile on 

It should be pretty obvious now as to why you wouldn’t only try to list your rental on Facebook Marketplace before listing it on RVnGO. If you take that route, you won’t get all of the insurance and scam protections that gives you. Instead, you make yourself a target for unscrupulous people looking to take advantage of RV owners. 

RV Rentals and Sales on RvnGO

A recreational vehicle gives you the best way to explore the continent. You can go practically anywhere you want without spending a lot of money on hotel rooms or airfare. Depending on the type of RV you rent, you can even save money by preparing food in the kitchen. The cost of eating at restaurants adds up quickly. Enjoy healthier meals at lower prices by making food in your RV. 

Perhaps best of all, RV rentals give you the freedom to travel without making plans. You don’t have to know where you’re heading when you don’t have a hotel room reserved. You can decide to change directions at the last minute. But I’m preaching to the choir here. You have an RV or RVs and you’re renting them out when you aren’t using them.

Visit to find all of the features you need for buying, selling, and renting an RV. You can do it all through 

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