Rent Your RV on Craigslist

Advertise Your RV Rental Listings on Craigslist

Before we tell you about how scary it is to list your RV rental as an ad on Craiglist, Rest assured that you can still list it there and have a sense of security. Start with listing your RV for rent on in order to provide that security and assurance that you will be renting to verified drivers who are looking to find great deals on buying, selling, and renting an RV.

When you create a listing on, you can and should share it on other sites to attract more attention. This is after all, YOUR RV Rental Listing. You want to get as many eyes on it as possible. Use the ad as the trailer not the movie. The headline should be short and to the point, such as RV For Sale Craigslist or RV for Rent Craigslist. It should create enough interest for the reader to click the link and see what the excitement is all about. And ultimately rent your RV. Now, I presume that you have used Craigslist but here are the steps to get started.

Go to the For Sale Section in your city and select RVs + Camp. Craigslist step 1Then select a category, for example: Travel Vacation Services and look at the titles to have an idea how to title your ad.

Next, select RVs by owner since you are the owner of the RV.

Craigslist step 3

Now you will create a headline like Rent an RV on Craigslist, write a short description of the RV, the amenities you provide and any other unique details along with your Listing Link from RVnGO in your Craigslist ad. Since the link will send interested guests to your listing on, you don’t have to worry about the pitfalls of renting through a website you don’t trust. 

On RVnGO, the Guest will have to create a profile, upload their driver’s license and a photo to get verified. If they are interested and have questions, you will message each other within for the full protection of the Host and Guest from fraudulent activity. The payments are made through a secure payment portal. So you as the Host are protected as well as the Guest from financial loss. 

Now For The Hard Truth. There is a Better and Safer Option than Renting Your RV on Craigslist

Craigslist might seem like the perfect place to list your RV when you want to rent it out and make some extra money. Unfortunately, the popular online marketplace has several flaws that make it a dangerous option for RV listings. Learn about a better option before you take any risks by listing your RV for rent on Craigslist or listing your RV for Sale on Craigslist. 

Why You Should Not List An RV For Rent on Craigslist

People have experienced problems with Craigslist since the site launched in 1995. The website does not offer much oversight for listings. It leaves transactions up to the buyers and sellers. This hands-off approach creates a lot of challenges for people selling and renting RVs online. 

Craigslist Attracts Scammers

Too many people use Craigslist to target people for scams and fraud. Your RV rental listing could attract a criminal that wants to take advantage of you by stealing your vehicle or using a stolen credit card to pay you. 

Craigslist Does not Process Payments

Payment also becomes problematic because Craigslist does not help RV owners process credit card payments. You must find your own way to accept money from the renter. 

Craigslist Cannot Protect Your Vehicle

Since Craigslist only advertises your classified listing, it does not accept any responsibility for your RV rentals. When someone rents your RV, you could accept liability that puts you in legal danger. What happens when someone has an accident in your vehicle? Will they cover the cost of repairs? Will you have to pay for the other driver’s property and personal injuries? 

Vehicle insurance laws differ from state to state. Considering that people typically choose RVs because they want to travel the nation, you do not know what level of risk you accept when you let someone rent your vehicle. 

Craiglist May Charge Listing Fees

Craigslist has a complicated fee structure that depends on where you live. People in some cities pay $25 or more to advertise their listings. If you live in a different place, you might pay $10 to list your RV rentals. 

Regardless, you will pay Craigslist some amount of money without any guarantee that someone will rent your RV. 

RVnGO Offers a Better and Safer Option for RV Owners

Since Craigslist presents so many challenges when it comes to buying, selling, or renting an RV. You should look for a better option that gives you more certainty and helps you earn more money. stands out as your best option. 

Never Pay Any Listing, Transaction or User Fees does not charge you any listing, user, or transaction fees. You can always list your RV rentals on the website for free. gets paid by charging renters a small percentage. That means you get to set the amount you want and keep everything you earn from your RV. 

Protect Yourself and Property With RVnGO’s Insurance

Vehicle insurance laws vary from state to state. Will you be held responsible for damages and injuries after a collision with your RV? The answer could depend on where the renter travels. Of course, people typically choose to travel by RV because they want the freedom to visit any state without planning. That puts you at risk of liability. protects you and the renter with a $1 million liability coverage policy and a $200,000 property damage policy. The guest always pays for the insurance, so the cost does not come out of your pocket. You get the coverage you need for peace of mind without spending a lot of money on RV insurance. 

Avoid Scams by Processing Payments Through RVnGO

Do not let a scammer target you on Craigslist. processes rental payments to ensure you get paid the right amount. The site accepts credit card payments, so you don’t have to worry about how you will get paid. The money goes from the renter’s credit card, through’s processing system, and into your account. It’s the most secure way for you to accept payment when you rent your RV. 

Start Earning Money From RV Rentals Today! ​

Whether you own one RV that you only use occasionally or have several recreational vehicles that you use to earn money, is the best way to protect yourself and your property. You do not even have to pay for the listing. Your guests take care of that and other expenses all through so you can earn more money while avoiding scams on Craigslist. 

Visit today to create an account, create your first listing, and start making money. 

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