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Now Is A Great Time To Rent, Buy Or Sell An RV

Modern life is stressful, and the past year has been off-the-charts difficult. Like millions of people, you may have been cooped up, unable to go far from home. With the country opening up again soon, people everywhere are desperate to embrace a more fulfilling way of life. One way you can do this is by joining the RV lifestyle. 

RV travel is unlike any other experience. Renting or Buying an RV is a way to purchase freedom: freedom to explore, freedom to relax, freedom to build relationships. Choosing the RV experience is an affordable and exciting way to forge a new path or revisit an activity you have long loved. 

Are you interested but don’t know how to begin? Visit, your FREE Person to Person RV Rental & Sale Network. The Online way to find the perfect RV to rent or buy for your adventure. Have an RV you no longer need or use? RVnGo is a prime way to sell your RV and look for a replacement.

What RVnGO Offers

When you visit the site, you’ll have access to hundreds of RV models to rent or buy. You will not have to search dozens of places to find your model. And to make things more exciting, you will pay no fees and receive excellent rental insurance coverage. Our site makes things simple, safe and convenient.

Your choices include trailers and A, B and C class RVs that come directly from verified and vetted RV owners. The vehicles are safe, and the transactions are professional. And you do not go it alone. The site makes sure you receive excellent customer service so that your experience is consistently excellent from beginning to end. We take the stress out of locating or selling your dream RV.

Are you a private owner or an RV dealer/fleet dealer? You can use RVnGO to sell or rent your RV while making a significant profit. We take out no fees, and you do not have to pay the insurance deductible. Our leads are 100% qualified customers and we also verify them to be safe drivers. We take the complications and unnecessary fees out of your transactions. 

Finally, we do not outsource our customer service department. It is 100% US-based and manned by our experienced in-house employees. We do not risk your experience by having other companies take over your customer service. We are always ready with the answers and help that you need. I also want to point out that we use nightly rates instead of daily rates. 

Completely free to list your RV
Nightly pricing instead of daily, resulting in lowered costs for you*
ZERO fees (you get 100% of your rental rate, we don’t take a cut!)
No service fees, just a 3% card read fee 
$1 million liability insurance for all RVs
$1 million liability insurance for all RVs
Up to $200,000 in property limit insurance
Up to $200,000 in property limit insurance
*Nightly pricing: (Ex. A rental from Feb. 5th to Feb. 6th with $60 insurance would total to $60, where daily would total to $120. However, you are still covered for both days with nightly pricing!)

How It Works

We offer a no-hassle experience. You will find using our service is quick and easy. You simply visit the site and sign up for a free account. Once you log in, click on your area of interest: 

When you click on “List Your RV,” we will walk you through the listing process and quickly have a large customer base ready to look at your RV Rental listing to rent or buy. You can list your RV on general sales sites or in the local paper, and pay for the ad to run for a day, week or month, but chances are you will only reach a handful of people who are actually looking for an RV rental. RVnGO lets you show off your RV to hundreds or thousands of people who intend to rent or buy one in the near future. You save time and money when you list with us because we don’t charge you to rent. There are never any transaction fees to the Host or Guest.

Want to rent or buy an RV? Use the easy search tools and automatically find RVs in your area. You don’t waste your time sorting through listings that are halfway across the country. As a Host on RVnGO, you won’t get leads asking for a different RV. They saw YOUR listing and want YOUR RV. You can easily see the RV, its location and its price. Why spend hours eliminating RVs that don’t suit your needs when you can fill out an advanced search feature that lets you narrow things down? Simply provide the following information:

  • Vehicle – Choose the size and type of vehicle you are searching for.
  • Accommodations – Choose the number of slides, seatbelts and sleeps that you need. Have a pet? You can search for RVs that are pet friendly.
  • Features – You can even check off all the indoor and outdoor features that you want, including roof air, stove, kitchen sink, toilet, Wi-Fi, BBQ grill, propane, etc.
  • RVRD Member – And you can also let the owners know if you are an RVRD member, an important qualification for many.

The search features provide convenient interactive maps so you can find where the RVs are located and make your plans accordingly. All the information you need is easy to access and understand. And remember, it’s free!

What About The Insurance? 

That is a great question that we get a lot. Some people have the misconception that our insurance for the RV Renter is high. That could not be further from the truth. When you compare the total cost of the RV Rental from RVnGO and other RV Rental websites and count up the fees that are tacked on to the Guest by other websites, and apply the same level of insurance, you will see that the insurance through RVnGO is actually better coverage and looking at total costs, the Guest STILL Pays Less For The RV Rental through RVnGO.

Learn more about our insurance here.

Questions Are Answered By Our US Based Staff.

RVnGO is a Person to Person RV Rental & Sales Marketplace. It’s all done through the online service that offers you lots of personal support. Many answers regarding your RV rental are on the RV listing page and the Reservation page. For questions that are not answered on those pages regarding the RVnGO policies, practices, etc. You have other options available.

 If you prefer not to speak with our Concierge, you can still navigate through the Help Section and search the knowledge base for answers. We provide a FAQ section geared to your home area. One-click will let you learn about things such as rental insurance or how you and your privacy is protected from fraud and how the RV Rental transactions are secure.

Want more personal service? Use the convenient chat feature located in the lower right-hand corner and get rapid, personalized help. If you have challenges, we are always here to help. You can also call us and speak with our knowledgeable US Based staff, our customer service is extensive.

Get On the Road

RVnGO is perfect for the beginner to experienced RVers. You have many choices, so finding the best recreational vehicle for you and your family can be a challenge with so many options online and EVERYONE says they’re the best.

RVnGO made it a very simple choice. Compare and see exactly Who offers recreational vehicles from Teardrop trailers, Toy Haulers, Campervans to Class A, B and C RVs all without charging transaction fees while also providing the best insurance coverage.

Some vehicles can be one way rentals and others can be delivered directly to your home or campsite, saving you drive time and eliminating problems with getting your personal vehicle back home. 


If you are renting out your vehicle, you can be confident that your RV will be safe with our vetted renters. Selling your RV is also simple on our site. You will be advertising your RV to qualified customers who have an appreciation for your vehicle and for the lifestyle.

RV use continues to grow in the US. In fact, 46 million people in the US alone planned to go RVing this year. And it makes sense. RVs do give you freedom and convenience. Plus, you do not have to worry about the travel restrictions which are in place all around the world. 

Check out RVnGo for yourself so you too can experience the best of the RV experience. It is a safe, affordable and exciting way to travel and unplug from your daily existence. Get started today.

You Can Be An Affiliate!

Are you looking to earn a little extra cash on top of renting out your RV? Did you have a great experience with renting an RV through RVnGO that you shared the story with friends? Now you can get paid for your referral! Get all of the details here.

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