Great RV Renovation Ideas For 2021

RV Interior Renovation

Now Is A Great Time To Renovate Your RV

When you’re renting out your RV and want to cut through the competition and appeal to more renters this year, a few key renovations will help immensely. In fact, many of the renovations that will make a big difference are budget friendly and easy to do on your own. So if you’re trying to impress anyone interested in renting an RV through, check out the best renovation ideas for 2021.

Put in New Floors

If you’ve used your RV for many adventures over the years, the floors have probably seen better days. After all, when you’re out exploring the wilderness and return to your RV, you’re likely to track in mud, dirt and snow—resulting in worn, dirty floors. If you want a cleaner, more updated look that will welcome renters, it’s time to install new flooring.

If you already have carpet in your RV, you know it’s hard to keep clean. Therefore, replacing it with fresh flooring that’s easier to manage is a great way to update your RV. One popular option is vinyl flooring, which is durable, waterproof and comes in a few variations—including wood and stone styles.

There’s also laminate flooring, which often has a similar look to vinyl. However, it’s usually water resistant rather than waterproof, and often needs to be replaced about every ten years. That being said, it’s also more affordable than vinyl, so it’s an excellent choice if you want to update your RV on a budget before you rent it out.

Add Some Fresh Fabrics

Another simple way to give your RV a modern look is to replace old fabrics. From the bedding to the window coverings, you probably have some cloth that looks a bit faded or otherwise worn. Why not welcome people renting an RV with some brand new, bright fabrics throughout the vehicle?

Next, look at the curtains on the windows. If they’re torn, faded or just not appealing to look at, replace them with new, stylish curtains that match the rest of the theme in your RV. If you’re trying to keep costs low, you can usually find gently used curtains, blankets, pillowcases and other soft additions to your RV at thrift stores.

Replace Old Upholstery on the Furniture

If your RV is like most, you probably have a few comfortable chairs, couches and dinette benches throughout the vehicle. And they’ve likely gotten a lot of use over the years because well-cushioned furniture is a must during any trip! But all that use means the fabric may look a little worn these days.

Think about whether you want to go with a theme for the whole RV first, such as beach, forest or super modern styles. Then choose a fabric that fits the theme. If you can’t decide on a theme, pattern or color, check out the interior of other RV rentals on to get an idea of what looks good.

Refresh the Walls

Sometimes, improving your RV is as simple as making the walls look more aesthetically appealing. One of the easiest ways to do that is by painting them. So if they’re plain white right now or have faded, outdated paint on them, it’s time to choose a new color to apply.

Before choosing the best shade for your RV’s walls, look around at the furniture and window treatments to decide which color would match the most. Keep in mind that light, airy colors—such as blue, gray and green—are often the most popular shades for RV rentals.

If the current paint is fine and you just want to add something to spice up the walls, think about applying wall decals that fit your theme. You could also apply a wallpaper border to create a more interesting look. And of course, adding a backsplash to the walls in the kitchen and bathroom is a popular way to improve any RV. Peel-and-stick tiles are easy to apply, but there are other backsplash options that can make your kitchen or bathroom look like the walls are covered in brick, stone or wood—without all the weight the real materials bring.

Buy a Few New Electronics & Appliances

A final way to make your RV stand out from the other RV rentals is to ensure it’s as modern as it gets. To start, installing a small washer and dryer is a great way to entice long-term RV rentals, as campers will feel confident that they can stay in nature for a while without missing out on clean clothes during their trip.

Similarly, if your kitchen can fit it, a larger refrigerator may attract people who want plenty of room to keep their food cold while they’re parked in the middle of nowhere for days or even weeks. A modern coffeemaker with all the bells and whistles wouldn’t hurt, either. In fact, any small appliances that can make renters feel a little pampered during their trip are helpful. RV rentals that make them feel like it’s better to be there than at home will keep them coming back on subsequent trips.

Just making a few of these improvements can help your rental appeal to anyone thinking about renting an RV through this year. And in the meantime, you can enjoy the renovations yourself on any future trips you take in your RV!

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