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RVing With Physically Challenged Passengers

If you or a loved one face a physical challenge, you might believe that your disability impairs you from going on a road trip in an RV—however, this not the case. With modern technology integrated into many of today’s luxury RVs and laws that ensure the nation’s best outdoor spaces are ADA Compliant, there’s never been a better time to go RVing. RVing with a physical challenge may require a bit of planning and research, but with a few tips, you’ll find that you and your physically challenged loved one will fall in love with RVing.  In fact more and more RV Manufacturers are building ADA Compliant RVs. Smart RV Hosts are offering ADA Compliant RVs to rent in order to meet the demand of this growing population.

Benefits of RVing With a Physical Challenge

Having a disability shouldn’t prevent you from exploring the great outdoors. There are many benefits to RVing with a physical disability! By traveling with an accessible RV, you’ll always have accommodating private bathing facilities with you. No need to worry about finding accessible restaurants or hotels—everything you need is mobile. Plus, visiting a campground or RV resort is an excellent place to vacation. Campgrounds offer wide-open spaces and must comply with ADA Guidelines like other public facilities, so you can ensure everyone in your party will have a fun RV trip.

Tips for ADA Accessible RVing

Contact the RV Host, RV campground or RV resort before arrival to make sure accessible sites are available when you need them. Reach out to park rangers and campground owners with any questions you may have. They are usually a wealth of information to receiving the best and most accurate information about the campground and local area.

There are many people just like you who embrace the RV lifestyle with a physical disability, and there are plenty of resources available to help you make the most out of your RV trip. The RVing Accessibility Group is a volunteer organization dedicated to helping those with physical disabilities enjoy the pleasure of RVing. They offer travelers and campsite owners information about RVing with a physical challenge and provide a detailed list of accessible RV parks in the U.S.

Best Wheelchair-Accessible RVs

There are plenty of options when looking to rent an ADA Compliant, wheelchair-accessible RV. Two of the top RV manufacturers offer a line of Class A motorhomes that are handicap accessible. The Newmar Mobility Lineup has the most extensive line of ADA Compliant, handicap accessible RVs on the market, with the luxury of standard Class A RVs. Winnebago’s Accessibility Enhanced Line also offers RVs that sleep four to five people with various accessibility options. Many towable RV options are handicap accessible, like modified Dune Sport toy haulers and the Weekend Warrior Lux Toy Hauler fifth wheel. Harbor View specializes in accessible travel trailers that include remote controlled jacks, awnings, slide-outs and lifts. Plus, the options for customized and modified motorhomes and vans are limitless!

What to Look for in a Wheelchair-Accessible RV Rental

If you’re not ready to take the plunge and purchase a wheelchair-accessible RV or just want to enjoy a RV road trip with your physically challenged family member, renting an ADA Compliant RV is an excellent option. Here are a few key features to look for when renting a handicap-accessible RV: 

Power Lifts and Ramps

Power lifts and ramps are an essential part of RVing with a physical challenge. Toy Haulers, 5th Wheels, Many customized motorhomes and new models include remote controlled power lifts or slide-out ramps to help travelers with physical disabilities access the RV. 

Wide Doorways 

The average wheelchair is 32 inches wide, while the average RV door frame ranges from 14 to 70 inches wide. Make sure you read the RV rental listing details for specifications to see if your ideal RV will accommodate your wheelchair. 

Open Floor Plans

Handicap-accessible motorhomes will have widened hallways and living spaces that make getting around easy. Similar to a house, RVs have different types of floor plans and removable features that may make them handicap accessible. 

Adjustable Heights 

Look for an ADA Compliant RCV rental with furniture pieces like dining room tables and sinks that have roll-under features or come with the ability to adjust heights to accommodate those in wheelchairs. Lowered cabinets, tables, light switches, showerheads and bed heights are also common RV accessibility features.

Bathing Facilities 

One of the most critical parts of looking for a handicap-accessible RV rental is the accessibility of the bathing area. You’ll want to look for RVs that have roll-in shower and sink options, as well as other accessibility features like assist bars and shower chairs. 

Rent a Wheelchair-Accessible RV With RVnGO

RVnGO’s peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace has a variety of RV options, from toy haulers and fifth wheels to luxury Class A RVs. Our listings specify whether an RV is wheelchair accessible so you can skip the guesswork and find the ideal RV for your next road trip. Search your local area to find a handicap accessible RV.