What Is The Cheapest Way To Rent An RV?

couple relaxing on deck chairs by RV

Is Renting An RV Worth It?

The absolute cheapest way to rent an RV is to rent through RVnGO. They don’t charge ANY transaction or service or usage fees to the Hosts or Guests unlike other RV rental websites. If that is not enough, RVnGO uses a nightly rate vs a daily rate which also saves you money as the rate covers the full 24 hour period and not just the working day business hours. 

Where Is The Cheapest Place To Rent An RV?

RVnGO offers a truly free person to person, online RV rental platform, so you can get the RV you want from a trusted source without leaving your home to reserve it. That means RV Owners (Hosts) in your area rent it out to anyone (Guests) who wants to rent it through RVnGO’s free online platform. You are already familiar with using AirBNB for your short term rental of a vacation home. Now you can trust RVnGO.com with an RV Rental whether its for a weekend or 6 months or a one way trip to relocate to your new residence. 

Others may claim they are the best and or the least expensive, but more and more people are doing the math for themselves and choosing RVnGO.com.

WHY Rent An RV Through RVnGO?

You will Find the perfect RV to Rent or Buy with No Fees and the best RV rental damage protection coverage offered in your area. In addition to this, you will experience the industry standard in transparent transactions. You will see every line item of every charge from the Host, and the services charged by the platform, which is: damage protection, roadside assistance, the tax and credit card processing.

So RVnGO is not just the cheapest way to rent an RV, it’s also the most transparent and best insured. From trailers to Class A, B and C’s Direct from RV Owners who are verified and vetted as a legitimate RV Owner in good standing and providing a safe vehicle and courteous, professional experience to RVnGO Guests (users of the online platform). 

RV Owners and RV Dealers/Fleet Owners Can Rent or Sell Their RVs and Earn More because there are ZERO Fees taken out and They don’t pay the damage waiver fee. The RV Renters are verified safe drivers and leads that come to you are 100% real people interested in YOUR listing. The customer, a’hem, I mean Concierge service is 100% US based and are in-house employees as RVnGO does not outsource the most vital part of the customer experience to outside companies or outside countries. We go the extra mile for you without charging the extra dollar.

Listen to the podcast interview above to learn what makes RVnGO special and different from the other options out there right now. 

Get That RV Experience—You Will Love it

There is no doubt: nothing beats a family vacation; More so when you have the luxury of choosing what scenery you can wake up to. The best part is—you do not need to own an RV to experience the RV vacation. RVnGO connects you to the best RV owners out there. Get yourself that overdue vacation. You need it. You deserve it! 

See and experience the difference that is causing more people to switch to RVnGO as the most transparent and trusted RV Rental Platform in the United States.

So for the cheapest place to rent an RV, visit RVnGO.COM And create a profile and then search for the City you will be picking up the RV Rental in and select the dates you need. Then select from the available RV Hosts and submit a Reservation Request. Once the Reservation is Accepted by the Host, Pay The Booking and you are set for a fantastic trip!

Is Renting an RV Cheaper Than A Hotel?  We put that question to the test and compared an RV Rental for a week and a hotel stay for a typical family and what we found will amaze you.

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