What Are Your Plans For National Plan Your Vacation Day?

What Is National Plan Your Vacation Day?

768 million.

According to a study by the US Travel Association, that’s the number of vacation days being left on the table each year that more than half of Americans aren’t taking.

Project: Time Off seeks to change that.

Beyond just personal days, vacations are incredibly important to our lives. Research conducted by Project: Time Off indicates that vacations improve mental health, lower stress, improve productivity, and could even result in improved wages. Vacations aren’t just for the wealthy, they are necessary for our quality of life in just about every possible aspect.

That’s why Project: Time Off is promoting National Plan Your Vacation Day.

Taking place on the last Tuesday in January, National Plan Your Vacation Day encourages everyone that’s able to take vacation time off to get planning ASAP. Regardless of whether or not you want to take a vacation within the next week or next six months, the day is a celebration of the self care that vacations give us. In fact, taking the day to plan your vacation is an act of self care. It gives us something to work towards and look forward to, and it ensures that we don’t let another year slip past us without taking time to ourselves. 

Plus, when it comes to securing the best vacation ever, it’s always smart to plan in advance— sometimes, way, way in advance!

Why You Should RV in 2022

Recharge in nature

“Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”

When it comes to beating burnout, there’s no better remedy than Mother Nature.

John Muir’s eternal meditation on nature’s healing power rings true now more than ever. In 2021, Ipsos reported that 46 million Americans planned on camping in an RV during the next year. If there has been any silver lining to the last two years, it’s perhaps that more and more people are rediscovering how important the wilderness is to us as humans. Whether the destination is forests, deserts, mountains, or beaches, the respite that nature provides us from the bustle of urban or suburban life is especially vital. 

Uncertainty in the future of travel

Given the lack of true predictability when it comes to travel issues in the age of Covid, there’s a safe bet in making the most of your time and money by choosing to RV, rather than deal with planes. In particular, international travel plans have seen constantly shifting policies as the entire world continues to grapple with a pandemic that shows no signs of easing up.

Less expensive than hotels

As a result of the turmoil faced both by the airline and tourism industries, rates for hotels, Airbnbs, and rental cars are also completely in flux. In this article, we broke down the average costs for a week’s vacation in an RV rental compared to hotels + rental cars— and this wasn’t taking price gouging into account from Covid.  

Take part in a traditional American pastime 

Ultimately, regardless of your personal reason in deciding between RV trips and typical vacations, an RV vacation represents a call to honor one of America’s most innate pastimes. To seek out the American wilderness on a road trip, whether alone or with friends and family, is a pilgrimage that all Americans should partake in at least once in their lives. The journey doesn’t have to be far, or expensive, or glamorous. It just needs to be taken.

RV Trips To Plan on National Plan Your Vacation Day

Remember when we mentioned way, way in advance? Below are a list of events and destinations that are perfect for RV vacations that also require bookings months ahead of time to secure.

Major American Holidays

Memorial Day Weekend

The unofficial start of summer kicks off across the US with Memorial Day Weekend. For states in the North, Memorial Day Weekend in late May is that time of the year when temperatures stay consistently above the upper 60s to lower 70s. Grills are busted out and everyone shakes off the rust from winter and embraces being outdoors again. In the South, temperatures fall between 74-84°F, the perfect beach going weather before the heat of summer truly sets in. 

For popular Memorial Day Weekend RV destinations, look to Charleston SC, Ocean City NJ, and Atlanta GA. 

July 4th

Fireworks, festivals, history— Independence Day is one of the biggest holidays in the United States. As such, reservations at popular RV parks across the US will fill up as much as six months in advance. To ensure that you’re able to relax with your loved ones and enjoy hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill out in nature, we highly recommend reserving spots and RVs near your destination ASAP. Plus, many RV resorts are known for their legendary 4th of July fireworks and park parties. Don’t miss out!

For popular July 4th RV destinations, look to Cape Cod MA, Tahoe South CA, and Washington DC.

Labor Day Weekend

As Memorial Day unofficially ushers in summer, Labor Day Weekend in September is summer’s final hurrah. Lacking the over the top festivities of July 4th or the parades of Memorial Day, Labor Day weekend has come to mean one last weekend of mindfulness for those that are able to celebrate it. As a celebration of another summer come and gone, Labor Day is often the last big get-together for spread out families and friends before the holiday season in November, while the weather is still dreamy. Because of this, reservations for parks and RVs get snatched up just as quickly in advance as they do on the 4th of July.

For popular Labor Day Weekend destinations, look to Savannah GA, Miami FL, and Havasu City AZ.

National Parks

Similar to the popular American holidays, summer represents a high season when it comes to many of the country’s most popular National Parks. Between kids being home from school and the warm weather in many destinations, there’s no shame in deciding to visit such stunning locations during the summer. However, this means that you’ll be contending with crowds that come with high season for many of the parks.

RVnGO highly recommends booking RV campgrounds at or near National Parks months in advance. Since summertime is also high season for RV rentals, it’s worth doing research on the type of RV that you’ll need depending on where you’re going and with how many people. 

That being said, if crowds and high temperatures are a concern for you, we also highly recommend planning your National Park vacation around shoulder seasons!

What does shoulder season mean?

Shoulder season refers to the period of time between high season and low season for a destination. For many places, this is a critical month or two-month period where crowds are thinner and prices for RVs rentals and campgrounds are much lower. 

Take Yosemite National Park, for instance. 

Yosemite is one of the most popular National Parks in the US, for good reason. It’s towering vistas and peaceful valleys have inspired poets, composers, and authors for centuries. Best of all, the park’s glittering waterfalls and lush green forests are actually at their most stunning in early Spring! April in particular is one of the best months to visit for a glimpse of the park’s many waterfalls. Yosemite is every bit as green as the summer months—without the crowds or the heat. 

Similarly, places like Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming are divine in September or October when fall paints the landscape golden and red. The desert sun is more forgiving in Joshua Tree National Park in the winter months. The Grand Canyon is every bit as stunning in spring or fall as it is in the summer (but without the temps reaching over 100°F).

Because some of these parks are best visited in spring, make sure to get ahead with National Plan Your Vacation Day. Book your RV rental reservations ASAP with RVnGO!