RV Rentals in San Diego. How Much Does It Cost To Rent An RV For A Week?

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Should You Spend Money on an RV Rental in San Diego?

According to an article by Tripsavvy, you save between 20% – 60% in travel costs when you Rent an RV.

If you have your heart set on a San Diego holiday, you can save a ton of money by choosing an RV rental in San Diego from a towable trailer to a motorhome luxury Class A. Expect to pay about $80 to $250 or more on the rental each day, depending on the size of the RV. You will also need to include costs for RV insurance, add-ons, cleaning fee, pet fees, extra mileage, and gas.

RV rental costs per week range from $1,000 to $2,000 (including taxes). However, when you tally the total costs, you still come out ahead by choosing a motorhome over hotels. You save the most money on meals, which are pricey when staying at hotels. 

If you rent the RV for longer than a seven-day San Diego RV adventure, you can usually pare down the cost, just as you might do when you rent a car. You can experience an epic vacation in an RV accommodation, complete with a full kitchen, without paying a hotel’s exorbitant costs.

What you experience in convenience and personal comfort makes RV camping in San Diego style well worth the price. You can find a complete listing of RV rentals in San Diego rates for RVs and motorhomes here.

So, How Much Is It To Rent A Class C RV For A Week near San Diego?

What does it cost for a San Diego RV Rental? We You have several options to select from and many websites offering Weekly RV Rentals in San Diego.  Below is a Host we found through RVnGO and their Class C. 

This RV is a great selection for it’s ease of driving for people compared to a Class A, and many people don’t have a vehicle to tow a trailer. We went with RVnGO because out of all the other sites, they do not charge ANY fees to the Host or the Guest, and the insurance Coverage is considerably better. The Host in San Diego for this article is Adventure KT and the base RV Rental weekly rate charged is $1,365 for a 25 foot, 2019 Coachmen. This RV sleeps 6 passengers. The charges from the Host include a booking deposit of $515.24 and a security deposit of $1,500. He also has a $140 prep and cleaning fee and a $10 Pet fee. There are special packages you can select as well like the Yosemite Park or the Joshua Tree Park Packages with special pricing.

For the insurance premium, that is $360 for a $1 Million dollar liability coverage and up to $200,000 in damages coverage. You also have 24/7 roadside assistance which will be $72. Then there is the 3% credit card processing fee of $52.34

As stated in the first section of this article, Naturally, these rates vary depending on the Host and the type of RV and the amenities offered.  When shopping, you will want to be sure to compare side by side, apple to apple. 

RV Rental Charges


Weekly Rate


Booking Deposit


Prep Fee


Cleaning Fee


Security Deposit




24/7 Roadside


Credit Card Processing 3%




You can shop and compare rates of course. Each individual Host or RV Rental Company may also charge extra for generator, and extra mileage, or linens, or even a waste dumping charge. 

Compare several Hosts around San Diego to get a good idea and keep in mind to shop and reserve your RV Rental 3-6 months in advance to lock in the one you want.

***NOTE: Other platforms charge Guests 10% or more of the total booking rates and take 20% or more from the Hosts.  Other platforms also charge a daily rate for insurance which is calculated differently from a nightly rate and costs more. Other platforms also may offer different insurance coverages than what is shown on their website, so you may not be getting what you expect and are not getting the coverages that are stated. So please when shopping, compare apples to apples and read the small print.

So now you’re ready to Rent an RV, just get your Packing List Checklist to have an amazing trip.

The 4 Primary RV Rental San Diego Class Vehicle Options

You can choose from four basic categories when selecting RV Rentals in San Diego Class vehicles.

Class A Motorhomes

These all-in-one RVs feature a kitchen, dining area, lounge, bedroom, bathroom, and shower. Some of the homes feature slide-outs that expand the interior living space when camping at San Diego campsites. 

Class B Motorhomes

Class B RV rental San Diego campervans come in full-size or extended models and feature a raised roof. Often, the dinette converts as a bed. This smaller camper is ideal for couples who don’t mind a cozier accommodation.

Class C Motorhomes

These RVs use a truck chassis and extended cab over the driver’s compartment. The homes feature a dining area, bathroom, and kitchen, and some feature separate bedrooms. A slide-out on the vehicle’s camber expands the living area. Usually, you can convert the sofa, dinette, and compartment above the driver to beds for sleeping.

Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel

Spanning in size from 10 to 40 feet long, an RV rental Fifth Wheel or Travel Trailer requires a truck to pull it. The interior may vary based on the trailer’s size. To use this option for RV camping in San Diego, you’ll need to make sure you have a vehicle that can tow the trailer. You will also have a different 5th Wheel or Toy Hauler Packing Checklist.

Rent Your RV Without Worry

You may at first feel uncertain about renting an RV. While others have felt the same way, they knew they made a great decision when they used a local Host. Here is another one of the many options to rent an RV for a San Diego holiday

In fact, here are some RV Rental Industry Statistics that show how more people are shifting to rent RVs and rent out their RVs. 

As you are reading this article and going through the information, you may be thinking how much you can earn from renting out an RV.  Don’t be fooled with ads from some companies promising $1,400 a week or $40,000 a year unless you have multiple RVs and it’s your full time business.

Why Choose an RV Rental?

Here is some more detailed information showing how Renting an RV is Cheaper Than Staying in a Hotel

If you don’t want to read the side by side comparison, Here are the benefits of renting an RV over staying at a pricey hotel.

  • You only have to pack your bag once — no need to pack and repack at each hotel.
  • You save on meals, as you can buy your groceries.
  • You can travel more easily.
  • You can stay safer and practice social distancing with more ease.
  • You don’t have to wait in line to use the bathroom at a McDonald’s or convenience store or the rest stop. You have immediate access to the facilities.
  • You can sleep in the same bed each night of your trip.
  • You can travel with your dog and save money by not keeping your pet at a kennel.
  • You can experience the great outdoors right outside your RV.

Exploring the Sights While RV Camping San Diego Style

San Diego is the ultimate pleasant-weather destination with an average temperature of 65 degrees. You can experience a San Diego adventure and see several memorable landmarks and sites at the same time.

See a Load of Attractions at Balboa Park

Talk about saving money on gas! You can see just about any attraction imaginable by visiting Balboa Park. The park, home to the San Diego Zoo, includes sights like:

  1. The Japanese Friendship Garden
  2. The San Diego Mineral and Gem Society
  3. The San Diego Natural History Museum
  4. The San Diego Museum of Art

Check Out the Botanical Building's Lily Pond and Plants

The Botanical Building is the only conservatory in the world built entirely of wood, not glass. The conservatory is home to 2,100 plant species, and a lily pond and lagoon greet visitors at the entrance. You don’t have to enter the building to appreciate the site, as the grounds are lush with flowers, woods, arches, and bridges.

Sometimes, you can catch musical notes filtering through the air from the San Diego Youth Symphony, which features young musicians aged 8 to 25 years old.

Discover the Menagerie at the San Diego Zoo

You won’t want to miss these outdoor exhibits at the San Diego Zoo.

The Gorilla Forest 

Observe gorillas in their replicated habitat while they do the stuff gorillas do. The large and gentle animals live behind a glass enclosure in a shady and peaceful area of the zoo.

Polar Bears at the Northern Frontier Exhibit

Three polar bears live at the San Diego Zoo. You can see the playful trio in the zoo’s underwater viewing room — or as they play outdoors in their polar bear-friendly tundra habitat.

Koalas in the Outback

You don’t have to visit Australia to see koalas, as you can find them at the San Diego Zoo at the Koalas in the Outback display. The zoo’s Australian Outback area, which is twice the size of the koala exhibit, features the Queensland House — a great place to view the koalas from the building’s deck. 

You can also see other Australian animals at the site, including kookaburras, Tasmanian devils, wallabies, and wombats.

Elephant Odyssey

Another must-see outdoor exhibit at the San Diego Zoo, the Elephant Odyssey is a 2.5-acre elephant habitat that features Asian and African elephants in a natural and open area. Stop at the care center at the site and see zookeepers taking care of the elephants. Kids can also spend time in the play area, home to fun statues the kids can climb. A fossil dig near the attraction shows how extinct and ancient animals, such as the mammoth, used to live.

The Urban Jungle

The giraffes are one of the most interesting animals at the zoo, and their long necks can’t help but cause notice. You also won’t want to miss the cheetahs, rhinos, and other African animals.

Scripps Aviary

For bird lovers, there is a place of note – the 50-foot-long and 90-foot-high Scripps Aviary, tucked inside the replicated African rainforest near the pygmy hippos and gorillas. You find over 130 African-indigenous birds at the attraction, representing 35 different species. The soft rushing water of a nearby cascade will inspire you as you view this beautiful selection of birds.

The Orangutan Trail

Another must-see site at the zoo, the Orangutan Trail allows you to observe orangutans while they observe you too. Noted as the largest animals who eat fruits, orangutans, you will find, are very playful. You can see them climbing their sway poles or traversing ropes at the site. Regardless of what they are doing, they always prove to be entertaining.

Go Back in Time at the Gaslamp Quarter

While you won’t want to drive your RV Rental in San Diego through this section of town, Take a trip back to the Victorian Gaslamp Quarter, showcasing 16 blocks of elaborate Victorian architecture and featuring shops, art galleries, theaters, and fine dining. If you are a history buff or appreciate Victorian design, you will enjoy strolling through the thoroughfares and spending time here.

Explore Other San Diego Attractions

See the Whale, Seal, and Dolphin Shows at San Diego’s Sea World

You can take part in the excitement of seeing seals, dolphins, and whales perform at SeaWorld — a memorable event like no other. Regular shows provide ongoing entertainment during your seven-day holiday. Besides watching the marine animals perform, you can watch shows like the Polynesian fire dance. End your day by watching SeaWorld’s 15-minute fireworks display.

Stroll Over to 910 Harbor Drive Along the Waterfront

While enjoying your San Diego RV adventure, take a walk over to 910 Harbor Drive at San Diego’s waterfront. That is where you find the decommissioned USS Midway, permanently sitting at the city’s Navy Pier. 

The ship, which is now a museum, features over 60 displays and 25 restored U.S. aircraft. Over 225,000 military men and women served on the ship. Take a self-guided audio tour to discover more about the ship’s history, and consider the onboard flight simulator for an extra charge.

Walk Through Seaport Village

Another stop along San Diego’s waterfront, Seaport Village provides a delightful place to spend an afternoon at unique eateries and shops. You can rest at a picnic table or one of the waterfront patios found throughout the area. The historic carousel in the village attracts kids of all ages with its hand-carved wooden horses.

Because weekends can be a bit hectic, it is best to visit the Village during the week. Seaport Village is at the junction of West Harbor Drive and the Pacific Highway.

Check Out the Beaches

San Diego features plenty of sandy shores to keep you entertained. Whether you want to bask in the sun’s rays or walk along the boardwalk humming with activities, you will love the atmosphere.

Watch the surfer ride the waves or take part in this activity yourself. One of the best surf beaches is Del Mar, and other popular surfing locations include Pacific Beach, Swami’s, Black Beach, and Trestles. If you are new to surfing, head over to La Jolla Shores or Oceanside.

Check Out Great RV Resorts Around San Diego

After seeing the myriad of attractions at Balboa Park, you hiked the trails of Torrey Pines, you snorkeled with sharks,  you took a kayak through the La Jolla Sea Caves, and finished off some fish tacos at George’s Ocean Terrace, or spent the day on the beach of Coronado Island, you will want to hook up your RV at one of the great RV resorts in San Diego.

Mission Bay RV Resort

You can enjoy the sights and attractions along Mission Bay by staying at Mission Bay RV Resort, a beautiful waterfront location that overlooks De Anza Cove. The site accommodates RVs up to 45 feet long.

Santa Fe Park RV Resort

Another popular RV resort in San Diego, Santa Fe Park RV Resort offers easy freeway access to all of San Diego’s sights and attractions. You can also bike or enjoy a day of picnicking. The park gives you a full-size picnic table on request.

Del Mar Beach and Marina RV Resort

To stay close to the beach during your vacation San Diego adventure, head to Del Mar Beach and Marina RV resort. The resort features 116 campsites with full hookup, including water/sewer, for a clean and secure camping experience.

You can save even more by parking your RV rental San Diego motorhome at any of the above-listed resorts, which are near San Diego’s most popular attractions.

If you’re worried about distractions like mosquitoes while camping San Diego style, learn more about keeping the insects away in our article explaining how to keep mosquitoes away.

PS - Find Your Perfect RV Rental Through RVnGO.

Given San Diego’s Mediterranean-type weather and variety of sites and things to do, it’s easy to like this dazzling Southern California city. Make your vacation in San Diego even more family-friendly and memorable by renting an RV from RVnGO today!

Find Your RV Rental Near San Diego by Contacting RVnGO Now

San Diego is so much more fun to see when you can rent an RV. If you do not own an RV, you can rent a great RV from RVnGO to explore the area and experience the ultimate adventure.

By scheduling an RV rental in San Diego, you have a convenient and stress-free accommodation that provides a home travel base to explore local sites without hassle.

On your next adventure, take your family on an RV road trip, save money, and enjoy all the exciting attractions San Diego features.