Ultimate Guide for a Spring Break RV Vacation

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Experience the Best Spring Break Vacation and Go RVing

Spring break is all about breaking the routine, getting outside and living life to its fullest by having fun and exploring.

For some people, this means going to the best festivals in the country for an unforgettable party experience. For others, it means touring the natural wilderness or going on a family road trip to spend time together before classes start once again.

There are so many different options when it comes to combining spring break with an RV rental. That is why we have created this ultimate guide, whether you are going with friends or on a family road trip anywhere in the country.

Tour the Best Beaches in the USA for Spring Break

The Spring temperatures mean it’s the perfect time to cruise America in an RV rental and stop off at the best beaches the country has to offer for spring break. Take a look at some of these beach RV parks for some sun, sand and relaxation.

Jalama Beach County Park, California

Jalama Beach County Park has close to 100 campsites that directly overlook the beach and ocean, located just over 60 miles west of Santa Barbara. Twenty-nine of these campsites offer electricity for trailers along with picnic tables, BBQ pits, shower facilities, restrooms, water and more.

Here, you can enjoy long walks for miles on one of the best beaches in the USA, go surfing, swimming, fishing and relax far away from civilization. If you want some extra space outside your RV rental, you can opt for one of their cozy cabins or reserve a premium on-the-beach campsite.

Myrtle Beach Travel Park, South Carolina

Winner of the 2020 Mega Park of the Year award from the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds, Myrtle Beach Travel Park in South Carolina is a must-visit for your spring break adventure.

With 125 acres and half a mile of oceanfront sites, everyone has plenty of space. As well as enjoying the beachfront, you will also have access to a 17-acre freshwater lake, a selection of indoor and outdoor pools, kayaks and basketball courts.

Andy Bowie Park, Texas

Located on South Padre Island andy Bowie Park is surrounded by the Laguna Madre and the Gulf of Mexico. If your goal is to cruise America and find an island paradise to put your feet up, then this is the one that is perfect for your next RV rental journey.

Flagler By the Sea Campground, Florida

A couple of miles from Palm Coast city, the Flagler by the Sea RV campground provides visitors with everything they need for a relaxing RV getaway by the ocean.

Full water, electricity and sewerage hookups are provided, along with access to a boat dock and ramp, cable TV, campfires and showers. If you forget to stock up on any of your vacation necessities, then the city is just a short drive away before you return to your spot in paradise.

Go RVing to the Stunning National Parks and Forests

Because spring break means freedom from school and college routines, we recommend using your spring break RV rental opportunity to explore our nation’s national parks. You will find nature, wildlife and a wide variety of fun activities to elevate the experience further.

Yellowstone National Park

RVing around Yellowstone National Park should be on everyone’s bucket list. Regardless of the season, the sheer beauty of this 2.2 million-acre expanse of wilderness requires at least a few days, if not weeks, to take in. That is why an RV is the most appropriate way to tour Yellowstone, as you take everything you need along with you for a nonstop adventure.

Although there is always something to do in Yellowstone regardless of the season, Spring is perfect for a spring break RV rental adventure. You can enjoy hiking, fishing and nature watching here as the wildlife comes to life after winter hibernation. Many of the wildflower varieties enter full bloom at this time, creating a spectacular sight while driving around the park in an RV.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park in California is a hiker’s dream, with many different hiking destinations to explore. These include the Vernal Falls, Mirror Lake, the Half Dome rock formation and the Merced River, which snakes its way through the park.

Yosemite offers so much due to its impressive 700,000+ acre size. Having an RV on hand means your base camp is right there, allowing you to move about the park to different locations so you can experience it all.

Tonto National Forrest

Tonto National Forest in Arizona is even larger than Yellowstone, with almost 3 million acres of expansive, wild landscapes. As well as all of the usual nature experiences, the area surrounding Tonto also provides lots to do as you go RVing.

The nearby town of Sedona is one such place, being a picturesque desert town with nearby canyon walls and pine forests. With a permit, you can enter the San Carlos Apache Reservation to picnic and even camp before hitting the local casino. You can even cross over into the Sonoran Desert, where the famous Saguaro cactus grows.

Glacier National Park

If you have Montana in your sights for your spring break RV road trip, then the outdoors in this state will not disappoint. One place, in particular, that attracts visitors year-round is Glacier National Park. Part of the Rocky Mountains, there are extensive hiking trails, clear lakes, mountains and a selection of RV campgrounds so you can go straight back out when you wake up in the morning.

Cruise America and Tour the Best Events and Festivals in the Country

Sometimes, the best family road trip is one full of energy and excitement. If you have music, partying, dancing and a vibrant time in mind for spring break, then below are some of the best events, like Stagecoach in Indio California, that you can integrate into your RV road trip.

SXSW Music Festival

The South x Southwest music festival is a ten-day music festival perfectly timed for spring break. The festival will showcase a range of new and existing musicians from America and abroad live onstage for an energy-driven experience from March 11-20 in Austin, Texas.

So What Music Festival in Texas

The So What Texas Music Festival is back this year!

It will take place at the Choctaw Stadium on Memorial Day weekend (27th – 29th May). Alternative, rock, metal and punk music are set to attract guests from around Texas and beyond! With campsites and RV parks in abundance, there is no better place to grab an RV and hit the road than RVnGO. Most sites are located in and around parks with amazing nature and activity opportunities. 

Wham Bam! Music Festival, North Carolina

For three days starting on March 10, the Wham Bam! Music Festival will be showcasing a range of jam and electronic artists in Pittsboro, North Carolina. This festival caters nicely to videogame and comic book enthusiasts, cosplayers and anyone over 18 interested in good food, a range of beer lounges and art.

Suwanee Spring Reunion, Florida

An excellent destination for a family road trip is the Suwanee Spring Reunion in Live Oak, Florida. This four-day festival starting on March 17 is about more than music, though. When you and your family aren’t dancing, you can enjoy music and yoga workshops, good food, river walks and sitting around open campfires at night.

PS - Get the Best RV Rental For Spring Break

Spring break is the time to embrace freedom and hit the roads with an RV rental. You might be wondering just how you can find great RV rentals for you to go RVing in, which is what the team at RVnGO is here to help you with. Click here to see a wide variety of RVs in any location around the country.  RVnGO has a range of Class A, B and C rentals to choose from when you are planning your road trip. You can find an RV rental near your home to start driving immediately or one that you can pick up once you travel closer to your ideal destination. What sets our service apart is the fact you will have comprehensive damage protection coverage, so be sure that it covers all of your needs for total peace of mind.

And remember, the journey is much more important than the destination. When you have planned out exactly where you want to be this spring break, take some extra time to see what stops you can make along the way. The chances are that if you are traveling a long distance in your RV, there will be plenty of opportunities that you might pass along the way.

And we almost forgot to share some other great RV rental destinations