Top 10 RV Trip Destinations in New Mexico

Visit New Mexico

New Mexico is a fantastic RV destination. If you want a breathtaking trip with your RV, there are very many destinations you can visit. Whether you want to escape the harsh winter in the north or just have a great moment out, New Mexico is the ideal destination. 

New Mexico is rich in sprawling high desert landscapes, fantastic vista views, and warm weather. It has a diverse terrain and natural attractions where you can have fun. 

Here are the top RV trip destinations in New Mexico; 

Located in Sandoval County, Jemez Springs is an adventurous destination to visit. It has iconic hot springs with a rich history, culture, and adventure. 

If you want to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of New Mexico, this is the ultimate destination. With your RV, you can experience some of the most stunning landscapes in New Mexico. Go relax, unwind, and heal your body in the mineral-rich geothermal waters. 

What Campers Have to Say 

“Friendly and helpful staff. The site is quiet, clean, and beautiful. A nice hike takes you to Jemez Falls.”

-Gilbert, J. 

Located in Roswell, this is a friendly park with a lot of facilities and fun attractions. It offers camping for lots of RVeers year-round. From the town center, it’s only 2.5 miles drive through exotic trails. 

This place is famously known as the ‘Alien Crash Site.’ It has a museum, themed restaurants, and shops. And yes, pets are allowed in this destination. You can tag along with your dog or cat and have a great adventure. 

What Campers Have to Say 

“Great Vacation place. We camped with our RV for a few days.”

-Thomas Jenkins 


The Carson National Forest is home to snow-capped ridges and beautiful trails. The dense pine forest is ready to offer a unique camping experience of a lifetime. 

The entire forest has serene magic, and plenty of RVeers flock to the forests to have fun. In the Carson national forest, there are numerous destinations, including; 

Trout lakes 

Cuchilla Campground 

Cebolla Mesa Campground 

Hopewell Lake Campground 

Cabresto lake 

Experience the magnificent mountain scenery, ample trout fishing, and dense natural vegetation. If you are fun of hiking and fishing, this destination has plenty of opportunities. 

What Campers Have to Say 

“We hiked at Williams Lake with my wife and enjoyed every part of it. There’s a lot to do in the Carson National Forest. Happy exploring!”

This is one of the most popular RV trip destinations in New Mexico. The destination sits on a high desert overlooking the city of Albuquerque. Surrounded by dormant volcanos, it has beautiful sunsets that will make your trip an unforgettable one. 

Here, you can hike, have nature walks, and view desert wildlife. If you want to relax, a clubhouse and a pool offer an unforgettable escapade. 

This place is ideal for families and pets and offers a wide range of camping options. 

What Campers Have to Say 

This campground was beautiful, and the staff was helpful and friendly. It has an historical, retro feeling with modern conveniences. 


Located in northern New Mexico, Taos is a charming town with lots of fun activities for an RVer. Ski in the beautiful Taos Valley in winter or explore the art, ceramics, and textiles downtown affordably. 

To experience the local culture, visit Taos Pueblo, the area of multistoried buildings that have been inhabited for over 1000 years. The pull-through spots offer the perfect RVing experience. 

What Campers Have to Say 

“A little cute little village with amazing snow. Reminds me of the Alps where I’m from.”


Located a few miles south of Sante Fe City, this park delivers an exceptional camping experience. This destination rests well on top of a hill to allow visitors to witness the beauty beneath. 

The park sits on a 17-acre area with gorgeous views that make the place worth staying. From the Turquoise Trail, enjoy the panoramic view of Santa Fe with unobstructed sunset views. Also, it has ample amenities, including art and antiques on display, a fence-in dog park, and a walking trail. 

What Campers Have to Say 

“It’s a well-designed park with good entertainment, great showers, and natural attractions. Will visit again.” 

-Steve S. 

Located near Alamogordo, this destination offers great entertainment to travelers. Its popular amenities include a picnic area, cabins, enclosed dog runs, WiFi, an art gallery, and showers. 

Enjoy New Mexico’s quintessential desert vista, art classes, and displays, and dive in the live bluegrass music. 

What Campers Have to Say 

“The views from the park are the best you can get in the area. The place is well kept, and the owners treat you just like family.” 

-Wandering Duncans 

Get the feeling of the Wild West in your RV at the Ponil Campground. This destination allows you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Located on the slopes of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the area is surrounded by wandering wild turkey and deer, a creek, and mature indigenous trees. 

Move away from civilization, and your RV trip here will be unique. 

What Campers Have to Say 

“We camped at Ponil Campground and it was great”

– Evans

If you imagine yourself cruising through mountain ranges and desert landscapes, this is the perfect destination. There are lots of fun features to keep you engaged and occupied throughout your trip. 

Relax and enjoy the scenic campground punctuated by pinyon pine and juniper trees. If you want to go on small natural excursions, there are lots of hiking trails. 

What Campers Have to Say 

“The staff was so helpful and friendly. Everything in the store has a 50% discount. Bought some attractive Native American objects.” 

~BL Merce 

Located deep in Lincoln forest, this park is an excellent destination if you want to go camping with an RV rental. It’s a charming family-run RV park surrounded by conservation areas and towering mountains. 

It offers an ideal mix of restful RV camping vacations. Have a natural walk at the hiking trails that lead to Bonito Lake. Paddle or swim in the fabulous waterways and fish to pass time. Spend quality time with your family viewing wildlife, fishing, and hiking in the trails. 

What Campers Have to Say 

“Great place for families with a trail by the creek, sand volleyball, and a playground. We plan to revisit next year with some friends.” 

-Lori M. 

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All the above destinations provide the ultimate camping experience. With the right RV, you can enjoy the wild trails, scenic views, and breathtaking adventures. 

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