Top 10 Destinations for RV Rentals Around Portland

RV rental near Portland

Portland Oregon Is Great For RVers

Portland, Oregon, is an RVer’s dream destination. Sitting right on the banks of the Willamette River, the city’s clement weather can provide adventure seekers with the thrill of a lifetime. Adventure activities in Portland include skiing, kayaking, boating, fishing, hiking and more. The best way to take advantage of all that the city offers is to rent an RV in Portland.

There are fantastic destinations for tourists and locals alike. A very popular and picturesque place to wander around, Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden is home to an astounding array of colorful flowers, plants and trees.

Thanks to its fertile surroundings, Portland is also a wonderful place to go wine tasting with over five hundred wineries located in the Willamette Valley alone. With so many to stop by and so much stunning scenery to take in, it is well worth taking a few days to explore the valley or a tour which takes you around its verdant vineyards.

Just half an hour’s drive to the east of the city you can find one of the most spectacular sights in the state – the majestic Multnomah Falls. Towering to 620 feet in height, it makes for some fabulous photos and is the most visited natural recreation site in the Pacific Northwest. Set in a very scenic spot, the falls flow down two craggy cliffs with verdant foliage and undergrowth lying all around them.

Nestled among the woods of the West Hills is one of Portland’s most loved landmarks: the Pittock Mansion. Newspaper publisher Henry Pittock started construction on the French Renaissance-style chateau in 1909. It was finished in 1914, just five years before his death in 1919.

The mansion featured 46 eclectically decorated rooms overlooking downtown Portland. 

Portland is a very pretty city, but it can also be a very busy one. A good place to escape the hustle and bustle is the Grotto Gardens, known officially as the Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother. This national Catholic shrine is dedicated to Mary and operated by the Order of the Friar Servants of Mary. You don’t have to be Catholic, however, to experience the sense of peace and serenity the garden has.

Here are the top 10 destinations for those with an RV rental near Portland:

Hike and Relax in Nature at Roamer’s Rest RV Park

Roamer’s Rest RV Park is easily accessible because of its location within the Portland/Metro area. Many old pine trees next to the Tualatin River provide shade for those who want to relax and unwind. Plus, the park oozes plenty of fresh air, which can revitalize you before you go back to your daily activities. Find an RV for rent near Portland and drive to the park to enjoy pull-through sites, full hookups, Wi-Fi, bathrooms, showers and laundry facilities.

Go Bird Watching at Reeder Beach RV Park

Sauvie Island is home to another excellent destination for anyone seeking camper van rental in Portland. Reeder Beach RV Park is great for outdoor activities such as fishing, bird watching and relaxing on the beach. The local you-pick farms provide a great source of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. Amenities include pull-through sites, full hookups and pet-friendly services. It’s a fantastic option to rest for RV rentals near Portland

Enjoy Kayaking at Oxbow Regional Park

On top of the many Portland attractions, the Oxbow Regional Park boasts unrivaled beauty. If you are looking for the best RV camping in Portland, this sits on the banks of Sandy River, helping you enjoy activities like swimming, kayaking and fishing. The park is also a hiker’s paradise, complete with trails measuring 15 miles long, with nature watchers relishing. Amenities include bathrooms and showers, pull-through sites, 12 RV sites and firewood for sale.

Play Golf at Columbia River RV Park

After getting an RV for rent near Portland, make your way to Columbia River Park, and go fishing salmon, steelhead and sturgeon. You can easily access Portland City from the park, only 22 miles away, or relax on the beach. Local attractions include golf courses, Cedar Creek Grist Mill and Mount St. Helens. Thanks to pet-friendly services, lawn games, pull-through sites, Wi-Fi and cable TV, it provides the best RV camping in Portland.

Relax on the Beach at Island Cove RV Park

If you don’t have any other way to visit Sauvie Island, Island Cove RV Park is your gateway. Outdoor enthusiasts can behold plenty of fascinating animal and plant species. Those who love water activities have access to the Gilbert River boat launch and several public beaches nearby. As part of the unique island experience, you can enjoy full hookups, back-in sites, bathrooms and showers. The park is also pet-friendly.

Go Horseback Riding at LL Stub Stewart State Park

One of the best destinations in Portland is the LL Stub Stewart State Park, located just 34 miles west of the city. While there, you can enjoy activities like horseback riding, cycling, camping and hiking. The park has over 25 miles of trails, wildlife and beaches. Amenities include full hookups, pet-friendly services and pull-through services.

Take a Romantic Walk at Portland-Woodburn RV Park

Thanks to its location right off Interstate 5, The Portland-Woodburn RV Park quickly leads you to the Willamette Valley, the source of world-famous pinot grapes and excellent wineries. There’s no better way to have a romantic getaway than hiking through the meandering roads, rolling hills, and sprawling vineyards. With any camper trailer rental in Portland, you can make your way to the park, which straddles two of Oregon’s most important cities, Portland and Salem, the state capital.

Access Downtown Portland from Crown Point RV Park

Crown Point RV Park is located near the start of the Columbia River Gorge, a physical feature replete with natural beauty, incredible waterfalls and spectacular views. You can access the Historic Oregon City, the Oregon Trail and downtown Portland from the park. It provides pet-friendly services, pull-through sites, Wi-Fi and laundry facilities.

Go Skiing at Pheasant Ridge RV Park

One way to view or access the Willamette Valley is to rent an RV in Portland before making it to Pheasant Ridge RV Park. Other attractions include the Columbia River, Oregon wine country and downtown Portland. Besides, you can go skiing or play your favorite game of golf. Amenities in this park include full hookups, an onsite grocery store, laundry facilities, an indoor pool and spa and Wi-Fi.

Attend Portland Greek Festival

Instead of focusing on visiting a park, you could as well consider attending several Portland annual events. A good example is the Portland Greek Festival, a 70-year-old event that celebrates Greek culture. With the potential to attract more than 15,000 people, this is perhaps the largest Greek festival anywhere on the West Coast. Part of the activities includes enjoying Greek food, music, dancing and shopping.

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