The Perfect RV Experience for the Entire Family

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What is A Great Family RV Vacation?

While there are a few challenges, RVing with young kids can be pretty relaxed and enjoyable with proper planning. It is also more convenient and comparatively cheaper than other vacations. Below are a few tips to consider when RVing with your young children. 

RVing is a fantastic option for young families. Cutting down on the rest stops and potty breaks is just one benefit. The RV experience is nothing short of epic. The adventure, the freedom… The list is endless. Vacationers appreciate these perks more today than ever before. However, families with young children are still skeptical. They believe that RVing with young kids may be too challenging – far from it. Here are a few more benefits of RVing as a family with young children and toddlers.

  • Get the Comforts of Home While on the Road, like a private restroom, your own kitchen and a lot more leg room than the family sedan or minivan. 
  • Get Quality Time with everyone you care about most. With regular seating and tables, we can sit and talk, play cards or board games.
  • Enjoy the Affordability of RVing and savings from eating out at restaurants, staying at expensive hotels and the cost of air travel.
  • Freedom to be yourselves, not worried or stressed when the toddlers start acting up, what the people in the restaurant or hotel lobby or on the airplane are thinking, etc. Because you have taken all of that out of the equation. And we have plenty of freedom of flexibility of our trip.
  • Feel the stronger sense of Community and closer bonds as there are no other distractions. You can collect memories and moments, not things. 
  • Be healthier since you have access to a full kitchen, you can prepare your own meals of healthier choices that you prefer that aren’t available at fast food chains or many sit down restaurants where you may be traveling.

Variety Is Gold

The outdoors can be mega fun. Nonetheless, once it becomes a routine, it gets boring. Having unlimited internet on the RV would go a long way in providing an escape. It can help you get some work done, stay up to date and even connect with family and friends. 

RVing also provides you with an opportunity to be on your own and relax. Grabbing a tablet and playing some games could be an excellent way for toddlers and minors to relax – who doesn’t appreciate a video game before dinner. The internet can be a lifesaver, and it may be just the thing the family needs to get away from the norm.

Designate Personal Spaces

RVing provides an excellent opportunity for you to connect with your kids on a deeper level. Nonetheless, it would be best if you had rules on personal space so that everyone can have a great time. Having a room where the toddlers and minors can take refuge and get away from the rest of the family works wonders.

It allows kids to play or do whatever they want without there being prying eyes. Anything goes, whether it’s a bed or a tent outside.


Carry a Well-Stocked First Aid Kit

Trips pose a risk of minor injuries. Having a well-stocked first-aid kit goes a long way to offering prompt treatment. Before hitting the road, take a first aid course, which helps teach how to administer emergency care to any toddlers or minors on board. 

Restrain Kids When Traveling

It’s worthy to note that every state has its laws and guidelines on how to restrain kids while traveling. You need to follow state laws depending on your location. If the RV will not allow for this, having a towable car and sitting the kids in your vehicle would be the best option for keeping them safe.

Remember always to keep your toddlers or minors seated when traveling to reduce the risk of falling. 

Have a Mix of Indoor and Outdoor Activities

It goes without saying that RVing features outdoor activities. However, these are dependent on the weather. Board games are a perfect way to change a dull day of being inside to a great day in the RV. These will keep you and the kids entertained and engaged. 

Whenever possible, carry bikes, soccer balls, a baseball and a glove. They will allow you to have great outdoor activities in case there is good weather. The key issue would be finding and accessing suitable sites to play such sports. 

Enjoy the Outside More

Preparing meals in the RV kitchen can be tedious. So why don’t you bring meals outside? Having food outdoors brings a cool side to it. That becomes inherently important if the RV has an adjustable shade and a cooking booth. This will make cooking a seamless and fun activity.

Adjustable objects are, in a sense, the holy grail of RVs. Having an outdoor patio and swings which are easy to assemble and disassemble could be cool additions to the RV. They add to the space in the RV while also providing room for great outdoor activities. 

Make Frequent Stops When Traveling

Kids can get antsy when they are on the road for extended periods. Having short travel spans allows them to rest and recharge for a long journey. These also allow you to stretch and possibly grab some lunch. Parks are a great place to pause for a while but are mindful of the time you take away from the road. 

While taking breaks is good, it makes it harder to reach your destination on time. That is where boondocking comes in. Various apps and memberships are a great way to find free and cool places to spend the night and get some much-needed rest. RVnGO proposes some useful tips on the best sites, apps, or campgrounds to visit while RVing. 

Some other tips include creating routines for the kids. These could consist of bedtime and mealtime schedules. Consider an RV with sufficiently spaced bathrooms. A baby tub would surely give an excellent bath experience. 

Get That RV Experience—You Will Love it

There is no doubt: nothing beats a family vacation; More so when you have the luxury of choosing what scenery you can wake up to. The best part is—you do not need to own an RV to experience the RV vacation. RVnGO connects you to the best RV owners out there. Get yourself that overdue vacation. You need it. You deserve it!

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