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If you want to travel to an area with plenty of open space, blue skies and stunning natural views, Montana has you covered. In this beautiful state, you can relax as you take in nature and avoid the inevitable crowds that congregate in big cities.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out one of the many national parks, state parks, forests and historic areas spread across the state. Better yet, if you’ve got the time, why not visit several of them?

Of course, when you drive across a state filled with so much natural landscape, you’re not always going to have immediate access to accommodations. This is a good reason to tour Montana in an RV — you’ll never have to pause the adventure to find a hotel! Instead, you can park your RV for the night in one of the state or national parks in Montana, which will allow you to experience the pleasure of waking up surrounded by nature.

If you don’t have your own RV, that’s okay, because you can rent one. At RVnGO, we make it easy for you find an RV rental that meets all your needs for a relaxing vacation to Montana. Please search our site for RV rentals, and then check out our recommendations on where to go when you visit Big Sky Country!

Gaze at the Views From Nevada Creek Road

One of the best ways to get a glimpse of the gorgeous nature in Montana is to drive along Nevada Creek Road in Helmville. Near the bubbling Nevada Creek and surrounded by tall trees and wildflowers, this is probably one of the most picturesque roads you’ll traverse on your trip. 

Nevada Creek Road starts at about 4,800 feet of elevation and climbs to 5,200 feet to offer breathtaking scenery. And if you’re willing to get outside and hike the area, you can climb somewhat higher for an even better view on Nevada Creek Trail. Or you can head down to the nearby creek to fish or pick berries.

Where To Stay In An RV Around the Montana Destinations:

Blackfoot Canyon Campground is a short drive from Nevada Creek Road, as it’s just north along Highway 200 in Lincoln. This campground is quite remote, with a few spots to drive into and vault toilets. But it’s free and along the banks of the Blackfoot River, so if you’re up for dispersed camping in Montana, this is where you should park your RV!

Catch a Fish in the Middle Fork of Flathead River

Whether you want to cast your line or just splash around in cool, refreshing water, head to the Middle Fork of the Flathead River. This body of water is smack dab in the middle of nowhere, basically in the wilderness between Glacier National Park and Flathead National Forest.

Come prepared to float in the clear water, catch some fish, hike the nearby trails and observe the local wildlife when you visit this river on your RV vacation to Montana.

Where to Stay:

The Middle Fork of the Flathead River offers free camping all around it, so you’re in luck if you like the idea of dispersed camping right by the water!

Get a Glimpse of Glacier National Park


This is among Montana’s most well-known natural spots, and once you arrive, you’ll see why. Glacier National Park is in the Rocky Mountains and has more than 700 miles of trails.

Also known as the Crown of the Continent, this national park features everything from sprawling forests and lush meadows to craggy mountains and clear lakes. If you want to take a scenic drive during your trip here, head down the 50-mile Going-to-the-Sun Road.

Where to Stay:

Glacier National Park features several campgrounds. Just one that is ideal for RVs is Fish Creek Campground. Located on the west side of the park, it’s among the largest campgrounds here, with 178 tent and RV sites visitors can reserve ahead of time. Many of the RV sites here allow vehicles up to 35-feet long. Each site costs $23 per night (as of 2021) and features a picnic table and fire pit. Restrooms are only a short walk away.

Learn Something New at Nez Perce National Historical Park

If you’re a history buff, you won’t want to miss a visit to Nez Perce National Historical Park. This historical area features 38 places that are tied to the culture of the Nimiipuu — or Nez Perce — people who once lived in this region. The park spans four states, with a few sites of importance in Montana.

From Bear Paw Battlefield to Canyon Creek, you’ll want to check out the park’s sites in this state so you can learn about the culture and history of the Nez Perce people, who had such an impact on the area.

Where to Stay:

As you drive your RV rental around the sites of this national park, you’ll want a nice place to stop for the night. Fortunately, Camp Creek Campground in Zortman is only about an hour’s drive from Bear Paw Battlefield in Chinook. RV sites are $45 per day (as of 2021) and include a picnic table and firepit, with drinking water and restrooms with showers nearby.  

Get to Know Montana’s History at Bannack State Park

Another spot for big fans of history is Bannack State Park. This is a National Historic Landmark that’s basically an Old West ghost town. After all, this is where gold was first discovered in Montana in 1862, signaling the start of a gold rush that quickly increased the population.

Though the population has since dwindled to nothing, there are still at least 50 old buildings on the town’s Main Street, making it easy to pretend you’re living back in the Wild West. Check out this state park so you can walk along Main Street, head to the visitor’s center, take a tour, pan for gold and camp in your RV!

Where to Stay:

There are two campgrounds in Bannack State Park. The Vigilante Campground is best for RVs. Each site has a fire ring and picnic table, and you can opt to receive trash disposal, water and firewood if you’d like. Montana residents will pay $18 per night to camp here and nonresidents will pay $28 (as of 2021).

Become One With Nature in Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

If you appreciate the beauty of a colossal body of water in the wilderness, your Montana vacation should include a trip to the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area. The shining star of this area is Bighorn Lake, a reservoir created to hold back the waters of the Bighorn River, with some help from the Yellowtail Dam.

As you might have guessed by the name of this area, you’ll probably see some bighorn sheep when you visit in your RV. You might also see wild horses, mule deer or black bears in this area, so come prepared to experience all that nature offers in the 120,000 acres you’ll find here. 

Where to Stay: 

Just as you can in many state and national parks in Montana, you can camp in Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area. First-come, first-served boondock camping is available on Bighorn Lake, or you can reserve a spot at one of four campgrounds. For example, Horseshoe Bend Campground has 68 sites, 28 of which have water and electrical hookups for RVs. It costs between $18 and $30 for each site (as of 2021).

Drive Your RV Along the Rocky Mountain Front Route in Montana

If you’re up for a pretty drive on your Montana vacation, make sure you travel along the Rocky Mountain Front at some point during your stay. This road is unique because it’s considered a clear transition between the Rocky Mountains and the grassy prairie, with a mix of wetlands, grasslands and forested areas.

As you drive your RV rental through this 31-mile long scenic road between Choteau and Sun River, you will take in breathtaking views of peaceful prairies, clear lakes, rivers and, of course, the Rocky Mountains. And since this road is so remote, you’ll also see some wildlife along the way, such as mule deer and antelope. 

Where to Stay:

If you need to take a break along this route, consider staying a night by the Pishkin Reservoir. This dispersed camping area has 20 sites by the water, with access to picnic tables, boat ramps and 13 miles of shoreline.

Relish the View From the Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway

If you’re looking for yet another scenic drive, try the Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway in the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest of Southwest Montana. This 49-mile route runs along the Pioneer Mountains between Wise River and Dillon, giving you amazing looks at the mountain peaks on one side and the tree-filled forests on the other — with visions of rivers, lakes and creeks along the way.

If you have time to explore, follow the signs to the gravel road that takes you to the ghost town of Coolidge, which was known for its silver mines in 1913. While the town has been abandoned since 1932, you can still stroll through the spooky area to observe broken-down houses and mines surrounded by beautiful trees and whispering creeks. 

Where to Stay:

Camping along the byway is easy, as there are several options just off the road. One is Grasshopper Campground and Picnic Area in Wise River. The sites here can accommodate RVs up to 30 feet long and cost just $8 per night (as of 2021), with amenities that include picnic tables, drinking water and vault toilets nearby.

Explore Abandoned Areas on the Ghost Town Route

If you like seeing a little piece of history for yourself, don’t end your adventure in Montana without taking a drive on the Ghost Town Route! This is perfect if you want to visit some national parks in Montana during your trip here because the route starts at Glacier National Park and ends at Yellowstone.

Your first stop will be Garnet Ghost Town in Drummond, which reached its peak around 1898 and was abandoned by the 1940s. But, like any good ghost town, there are still some old-time, intact buildings to gawk at here as well as hiking trails nearby. And that’s just the start of the Ghost Town Route. As you continue south, there is more that will grab your interest.

Where to Stay: 

If you’re feeling brave and don’t mind the eerie feel of nearby ghost towns, you can stay the night just over a half mile north of Garnet Ghost Town. Dispersed camp sites are free, and there are vault toilets and plenty of hiking nearby.

If you’re ready to start your vacation in Montana, book your RV rental as soon as possible so you’re guaranteed to have a way to get around the state by day — and a cozy spot to sleep at night! Search our available RV rentals with ease today.

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If you’re ready to start your Road Trip vacation in Montana, book your RV rental as soon as possible so you’re guaranteed to have a way to get around the state by day — and a cozy spot to sleep at night! Search RVnGO for available RV rentals with ease today.

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