Plan Your RVing Trip To Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

Picture a place where you can find it all: majestic waterfalls, deep valleys, lush meadows, granite cliffs, sky-high Sequoias, crystal-clear streams, and over 1,200 square miles of all wilderness to explore.

Now that you’ve painted a picture of this wonderful destination in your mind, I’ve got good news for you. It’s real! You can find all of these wonderful gifts of nature and more when you go RVing around Yosemite National Park. If you’re passing through California the next time you cruise America in an RV rental, Yosemite National Park is a place you won’t want to miss.

The location

The Yosemite National Park Pass Is $35

Located near the California-Nevada border in the Sierra Nevada mountain range and just three hours outside of Sacramento, Yosemite National Park features thirteen campgrounds and 1,445 campsites, with nine of these beautiful campgrounds accessible to RV campers.

As it’s one of the most popular national parks in the country, be sure you reserve your campgroundas soon as possible. All campgrounds require a reservation. Camping fees range from $20 to $36 per night, depending on the location.

Entry to Yosemite National Park costs $35 for a 7-day automobile pass. Annual vehicle entry passes are available for $70. Starting May 20, 2022, all vehicles will require a reservation to enter the park during peak hours. Peak visiting hours are between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. 

Yosemite National Park is open year-round. The best time of year to visit is late spring and early fall so you can enjoy the most ideal weather conditions for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

In the winter, daily temperatures range from 40°F to 60°F. Be mindful that some roads may be closed due to snowfall in the winter months. Summer temperatures are cool at night and reach a high of 80°F on average. In July and August, temperatures can reach 100°F in some locations. Higher elevation locations within the park will have lower temperatures.

Free parking is available throughout the park for visitors. The official location for Yosemite National Park is Tioga Rd Hwy 120 and Hwy 140, but there are a number of entrances around the perimeter for RV travelers to use when visiting the park.

All entrances are open 24 hours a day, seven days a year, except the Hetch Hetchy entrance, which is only open during daylight hours.

The campgrounds at Yosemite National Park offer some great amenities for campers who stop by during their cruise America road trip:

  • Showers (at Curry Village and Housekeeping Camp)
  • Traditional Restrooms and Vaulted Toilet Facilities
  • Dump Stations
  • Group Campsites
  • Horse Campsites
  • Picnic Tables with Extended Tops

Take In El Capitan And Other Scenic Spots At Yosemite National Park

There are many scenic stops when you go RVing around Yosemite National Park. The diverse landscape and many natural wonders of this famous wilderness park make this a great stop on any cruise America road trip. Here are some must-see destinations you can check out on an RV rental road trip in this area:

Yosemite Falls

One of the most famous destinations in this majestic national park is Yosemite Falls. Standing at an impressive 2,425 feet tall, this beautiful Sierra Nevada waterfall is the most visited location within the park. The water flow is at its peak in late spring, making it the most ideal time to visit.

Half Dome 

Made of granite with a distinct dome-like shape, Half Dome is one of the most compelling photographic locations within Yosemite National Park. This incredible rock formation stands over 4,737 feet tall, towering over the valleys of Yosemite.

El Capitan

The vertical rock formation of El Capitan is located near the Half Dome, making it another hotspot for travelers passing through Yosemite. Made entirely of granite with a monolith structure, El Capitan stands over 3,000 feet tall and is a great place for rock climbers to explore.

Glacier Point

Sitting 3,200 feet above Curry Village at an elevation of 7,214 feet, Glacier Point is one of the most popular overlook spots in Yosemite National Park. Get a bird’s eye view of Half Dome and Yosemite Valley when you visit this breathtaking viewpoint. There is a short hike to reach the panoramic overlook spot, but it’s a reasonable excursion even for inexperienced hikers.

Tunnel View

Tunnel View is another excellent lookout spot to see from a new perspective. Located east of the Wawona Tunnel, this viewpoint is great for road trippers who don’t want to hike to a destination, as the parking lot is located directly next to the overlook point. At this incredible overlook, you can get a bird’s eye view of El Capitan and Bridalveil Falls.

Choose From 9 Campsites at Yosemite National Park

When exploring Yosemite National Park with an RV rental, there are nine different campgrounds you can choose from to camp with your RV. Each has its own unique landscape and amenities that campers can take advantage of. All the campsites within Yosemite National Park give campers a chance to fully immerse themselves in the natural wonders that the park has to offer. 

Here are the top 5 RV camping locations at Yosemite National Park based on reviews from travelers:

1. Pines

2. Lower Pines

3. Tuolumne Meadows 

4. Wawona

5. North Pines

These five campgrounds are simply the highest-rated campgrounds in Yosemite National Park for RV rental travelers. There are nine different campgrounds available for RV camping, so you can choose one closest to your planned destinations, or even try them all! 

Yosemite National Park Campground Activities

A wide variety of campground activities are available for you to enjoy when staying in an RV rental at Yosemite National Park. Whether you’re seeking a thrilling adventure or a relaxing escape to nature, you’re sure to find an activity you enjoy when you go RVing at this famous national park.

The most popular activities when camping here are hiking, guided wilderness tours, fishing, river rafting, swimming, rock climbing, horseback riding, and bird watching. For a more laid-back experience, you can enjoy stargazing or picnicking. There are even volunteer options available for travelers who want to immerse themselves in the local lifestyle. In the winter months, visitors can enjoy snow sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, when visiting Yosemite. 

Follow The RV Rental Camping Tips

When camping with an RV rental at Yosemite National Park, keep in mind that the campgrounds do not have electric or water/sewer hookups available for use. 

Generator use is restricted in all Yosemite campgrounds for safety purposes, and they can only be used from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., noon to 2 p.m., and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

As mentioned earlier, it’s essential to make a reservation for any campground you wish to visit. As of May 22, 2022, reservations are required to enter the park during peak hours (6 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily).

The maximum RV length at Yosemite National Park is 35 feet at most campgrounds.

Six sites in Lower Pines and two sites in North Pines offer sites for RVs that are a maximum of 40 feet in length. 

If you plan to store food within your vehicle, only do so if you have a hard-sided RV to avoid run-ins with bears and other local animals. Do not store food outside unless it’s in an appropriate container and secure location. 

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