How to Plan Your Next RV Camping Vacation

With RVnGO and CAMPnGO (coming soon), you can find a great campsite and reserve your RV rental with ease. Planning an RV trip can be a daunting task, but the basics are simple. For planning, you will want to decide on a destination, routes, and stops, the RV rental, reserve your spots and pack accordingly. RVnGO makes it easy to browse available RV rentals online. There may be dozens or hundreds of available RV rentals near you on To find the RV rental of your dreams, click the link here: In short, the basics of planning your next RV vacation begin with these 5 steps:

  1. Pick Your RV Camping Destination
  2. Plan your Travel Route and Stops
  3. Find the Right RV Rental Near You with RVnGO
  4. Lock in your camping spot and RV rental
  5. Pack for the locale

Pick Your Location

Before planning your next RV camping vacation, you will need to have a destination in mind. There are hundreds of state parks and dozens of national parks throughout the United States. The best part about RVnGO is that you can pick up a rental near the park if you are traveling far distances. If you live in Florida but would like to visit the Smokey Mountains, then you can reserve an RV rental nearby and fly to the state instead of driving. There are dozens of famous parks you could camp out, including:

Wherever you decide to camp, make sure to reserve your camping spot ahead of time. Some locations may have first-come, first-serve campsites, but you should not rely on those. First-come, first-serve spots fill up rapidly.

 Pick the Date Ahead of Time

After deciding on which location for your next RV vacation with RVnGO, you can state deciding on dates. Certain parks may only be open during a particular season, while others may be open year-round. Make sure to contact the park of your choice to ask any questions you may have. Reserve your spot and dates well ahead of time to avoid missing out. Many popular state and National parks run out of reservations during peak season. Spots can be booked months in advance. Make sure the campsite of your choosing is open during your vacation dates and that you reserve your spot.

Plan your Travel Route and Stops

Once you know where you’re going to camp, you can begin planning your route to your destination. If you would like to just make a straight shot to your campsite, then planning can be simple and easy. However, why rush to your destination when there could be so much to see and experience along the way? Just a couple of the things you can check out on the way to your RV camping destination include:

  • Museums
  • State Attractions
  • Festivals and Concerts
  • Famous Foodie Spots
  • Sports Events


The United States has the most museums in the world by a large margin. The country is famous for its cultural and historical museums. There are many pieces of art and history you can only view in a museum somewhere in the US. The Metropolitan, Smithsonian, and New York Museum of Modern Art are just a couple.

State Attractions

State Attractions come in all shapes and sizes. From fairs to parades to downtown locations, there are plenty of things to do when traveling through a state. For example, if you find yourself traveling through Florida, then Disney World is an attraction you shouldn’t miss out on.

Festivals and Concerts

If you are a music fan, then planning your next RV vacation could include seeing your favorite artist along the way. Musicians are constantly touring, so finding out your favorite artist’s next tour dates may be a good idea. There are also festivals you can plan well ahead of time to go to. From Lollapalooza to Ultra, there are dozens of major festivals throughout the US each year.

Famous Foodie Spots

If there’s anything that warrants a spot that most people can agree on, it’s good food. There are tens of thousands of highly-rated restaurants and food spots throughout the country. Certain states and cities are well known for their food and dishes. For example, the state food of Alabama is chicken with white barbecue sauce. You can click here to read an article on the Food Network about the top iconic eats for each state!

Sports Events

Whether you’re into NASCAR, Football, or professional golf, you can rest assured that somewhere there is a sporting event coming up you’ll enjoy. Camping during certain sporting seasons makes it easy to catch yearly events and your favorite players/teams. Certain sporting events like NASCAR even have RV-accessible camping spots if you intend to stop for a few days. If interested, plan out your RV vacation with days to stop and catch some of your favorite upcoming sporting events.

Find An RV Rental Near You with RVnGO

Once you have everything planned out, you can then pick which RV would be best for your RV camping vacation. You should hold off on reserving any spots until you have your destination and campgrounds picked up. Make sure the campgrounds have available spaces for your dates. By using RVnGO, you can find RV rentals near you or your campground. Once you find the right RV that is available during your dates, you can reserve your spot along with your camping spot and other reservations.

Learn about your RVnGO Rental

Manuals and guides for every type of RV are available online. If you are unfamiliar with RVs, then it is best to read up on the vehicle you intend to rent. Knowing the ins and outs of the vehicle will make you more confident when driving it. You will also be less confused with the functions and capabilities of the vehicle. Make sure you know the size, how to set it up for camping, and how to run the generator (if you have one). The description on the RVnGO listing can help you get a basic understanding of the features and design of your RV before locking in your reservation.

Pack for the Locale

One of the last things you should do before finishing RV camping preparations is packing for the occasion. Depending on the environment of the area you are going to be camping, you will want to pack different items. Make sure to keep in mind the weather, environment, and activities you intend to do when packing. Camping somewhere cold and wet? Bring plenty of warm clothes that are also water-resistant. Going somewhere hot and sunny? Consider plenty of sunscreen and bug repellant. Packing properly can be the difference between an amazing camping experience and a stressful one.

Start Planning Today with RVnGO and CAMPnGO

Looking to get out and enjoy the great outdoors? Then RVnGO and CAMPnGO can connect you to the right RV rental and campsites near you. Make unforgettable memories and experience the beauty of nature by camping out underneath the stars. Begin planning your next great RV camping vacation by creating a free account at RVnGO today!