Guide To RVing Firefly Music Festival 2022

RVing Firefly Music Festival

Where: Dover, Delaware

When: September 22-25, 2022

Previous Headliners: Billie Eilish, The Weeknd, Blink-182, Tame Impala

This year, Firefly Music Festival is turning 10 years old and invites everyone to help celebrate!

One of Rolling Stone Magazine’s Top 5 Music Festival Destinations, Firefly sees upwards of 50,000 people each day of its three day weekend. For the uninitiated, the Woodlands of Dover Motor Speedway in Delaware become a wonderland of festival activity that goes beyond music.

In addition to some of the hottest acts in music playing in the meadow, the forest hosts stages amongst the trees and beneath the glow of fairy lights for an intimate indie experience. In the woods, you can also stumble upon a silent disco and the Nest, an elevated DJ platform that keeps the party going throughout the night. During the day, there’s a central bazaar with an array of boutiques featuring jewelry, clothing, and memorabilia, and even free yoga sessions in the mornings.

To keep people fed, chefs cater the Supper Club with food and drink pairings upon advance reservation. Plus, throughout the festival grounds are food choices from pizza at the after party to vegan/gluten-free delicacies. 

This is all just to say that Firefly is more than just a music festival— it’s a communal woodland experience. In both setting and offerings, Firefly finds itself special amongst other festivals of its kind.

Make sure to book your passes now before they sell out!

RVing Firefly Music Festival

To make the most of your immersive music festival experience, RVing Firefly Music Festival is the way to go. You get the best of both worlds between saving money from hotels or Airbnbs, but the comfort and convenience of all that RVs offer when it comes to camping.

(You know, like a private bathroom and a bed to sleep on that’s not on the ground.)

Where To Stay

 There are three places to camp at the festival itself. South Campgrounds, Front Row RV, and Infield RV are the festival campgrounds, each with varying levels of amenities.

Standard RV Camping, otherwise known as South Campgrounds, are the most economical option for RV stays. Located in South Camping, they come with access to showers (for a $5 fee) and nearby water refill stations. They don’t come with access to electric hookups of any kind, including water and sewer.

Front Row RV Camping is still located within South Camping, but closer to the festival grounds. The individual sites are slightly bigger and come with shower fast-passes. Like Standard RV Camping, they don’t include electric hookups.

Infield RV Camping is the top tier for amenities offered, but also the most expensive. The grounds are located at Dover Speedway’s infield, and have free access to shower fast-passes and Infield Lounge. Infield Camping does include electric hookups, plus free servicing for gray and black water dumping. 

However, if all of these options still seem too pricey, there are a couple of nearby RV campgrounds at driving distance to the festival.

For lower nightly rates, check out these campsites:

Things to Do Near Dover

Dover Motor Speedway

Directly adjacent to Firefly, Dover Motor Speedway hosts scattered Nascar races each year. In addition to its race track, the Speedway also features a casino, restaurants, and bars within its grand halls. 

Delaware State Forests— Blackbird

The Delmarva Peninsula that’s home to Delaware is chock full of woodland and coastal hikes. Nature and camping enthusiasts have their pick of State Forests to traverse, most of which allow tent camping. Blackbird State Forest is the closest to Dover, but an hour’s drive can easily accommodate Taber or Redden State Forest. The camping spots come with BBQ grills, fire rings, and portable toilets.

Philadelphia Day Trip

To the north of Dover, the city of historic Philadelphia is only 1 ½ hours away driving. If you can swing the drive, it’s well worth the visit. Historical sites like Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and (haunted) Eastern State Penitentiary are classic American pilgrimages. With numerous art museums, zoos, and an incredibly bustling downtown scene, Philadelphia is a perfect contrast to Delaware’s laidback nature.

Rehoboth Beach and Funland

An hour outside of Dover to the coast is Rehoboth Beach and Funland. The beach itself occupies miles of pristine coastline, with a seaside town full of restaurants and shops. Along the boardwalk is the small amusement park of Funland, complete with rides and arcade games.

Nassau Valley Vineyards

The oldest vineyard in the state of Delaware, Nassau Valley is tucked amongst the trees.  A gorgeous outdoor setting that often plays host to weddings, the vineyard is rustic, historic, and serves up a fine glass of wine. 

Choosing Your RV Rental 

Because we at RVnGO highly recommend saving money by camping off-site, you have freedom of choice in picking out the RV rental that best suits your needs. This way, you won’t have to skimp on size or amenities while RVing Firefly Music Festival.

Class A RVs are the biggest of the three main classes and are ideal for groups of 4-8 people. They’ll often come equipped with full size appliances and plenty of cooking space in the kitchen, and full size tubs and/or sinks in the bathroom. The master bedroom is big enough to fit a king bed in most cases and still have room to navigate around. If size and quantity of the amenities is what you’re looking for, Class A RVs are second to none.

Class B RVs are the smallest of the three main classes and typically accommodate 2 people. In these cases, the RVs are conversion or Sprinter vans that often feature a sleeping area and small kitchenette with a half bathroom. 

Class C RVs are comparable to Class A’s in terms of options, minus the higher price tag. They also feature full-size showers in the bathroom, room for queen beds in the master bedroom, and come with modest kitchens and dining areas. Class C RVs can also fit up to 8 people depending on their layout. If you want an RV that comes with many of the standard options of a Class A but don’t need the full-size luxuries with your budget, consider a Class C.


Because most RVs and RV campgrounds get snatched up months in advance, make sure to book your rentals now with RVnGo. Let us know how you plan on RVing Firefly Music Festival!