Go RVing Around Mesa Verde National Park Colorado

mesa verde national park Cliff Palace

Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado remains one of the most scenic sights in the region. You can expect a vast range of natural attractions for your photo albums, especially if you have a knack for archaeology. The World Heritage Site holds the sacred Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings, most well-known, being the huge Cliff Palace, which once served as the thriving community of a civilization from a bygone era.

You will have an unforgettable time visiting Mesa Verde National Park in your RV, with numerous stopover spots that provide truly unique experiences. 

Depending on the time of year, there are various activities for exploring and appreciating the tranquil surroundings of the well-preserved attraction. Many of these activities are self-guided to enjoy the landscape and sights at your own pace.

Remember to bring along a water bottle and hat during the warmer months to stay comfortable while you venture into the horizon. You can look forward to a range of picturesque hiking trails and destinations during your stay in the park. 


Park Point

Park Point is the highest spot in Mesa Verde National Park, situated at 8,572 feet (2,612 m). Once you reach the pinnacle, you will have a panoramic view of the Four Corners region, presenting myriad photo-taking opportunities and memories to last a lifetime. 


Spruce Tree House

As you make your way throughout the park, you will notice unique stone cliff dwellings with 130 rooms. These historic architectural structures make up the Spruce Tree House, the third-largest cliff dwelling in the park (after Cliff Palace and Long House). 

Built between 1211-and 1278 BCE, the dwelling housed an estimated 60 to 80 residents. Spruce Tree House was named after a Douglas Spruce/Douglas Fir tree that grew right outside its main compound. However, it was cut down by an early explorer. 


Far View Sites 

A relaxing ¾-mile (1.2 km) hike through canopies of pinyon-juniper forests will take you through post-card pretty cliffside dwellings for more photo-taking opportunities. You will also come across some of the early mesa-top farming villages where the Ancestral Puebloan civilization developed agriculture to sustain their growing communities. 

Amidst the historical journey, you might discover an ancient reservoir that served as a primary source of water for the early residents of the heritage park. 

The further reaches of the 52,000 acres park require transportation, where your trusty RV can come in handy. Driving down the sandy paths takes you through an awe-inspiring vista where time stands still. Mesa Verde National Park features over 5,000 archaeological sites that provide a glimpse of early civilization and its interdependence with the natural environment. 


Mesa Top-Loop Road

Mesa Top-Loop Road is a 6-mile (10 km) driving tour that takes you to the heart of the Ancestral Pueblo culture. Get your cameras and binoculars ready as you cut through winding paths of cliffside retreats and mesa-top abodes that harken to a forgotten time. 

The Mesa Top-Loop is a satisfying drive that takes you to a breathtaking vantage point of Cliff Palace, the largest cliff dwelling of the Ancestral Puebloan culture. Enhance your experience by downloading a carefully curated podcast tour by Ranger TJ Atsye, who will guide you through the rich history teeming within the park. 

You may access TJ Atsye’s audio recording along with a wide range of other informative park resources via the official National Park Service app. 


Cliff Palace Loop Road

While currently closed for repairs and maintenance, the 6-mile (10 km) Cliff Palace Loop Road offers an alternate route that gives you a varied view of the marvelous Cliff Palace architecture alongside the Soda Canyon Overlook Trail.

Camp in the Cradle of Civilization

Mesa Verde National Park offers multiple camping spots for adventurers at heart who wish to spend some quiet and contemplative time soaking in the serene atmosphere. You will find a wide range of activities to supplement your camping trip, providing a true one-of-a-kind experience that you can enjoy solo or with close ones. There are two options for parking your RV and embracing the splendor of the heritage site. 


Morefield Campground

The campground offers single and group camping arrangements as you set up your tents surrounded by gorgeous Gambel oaks and wildflowers indigenous to the land. Morefield Campground provides its specialized services between April 28 – and October 12, 2022, with premium packages that include a scrumptious breakfast at the nearby Knife Edge Café.

Morefield’s friendly guides serve as a font of information on local hikes, heritage, and historical background, bus schedules, and other lodging inquiries. Also, the site features a one-stop camping and gift shop for all your outdoor supply needs that will optimize your experience. 


Far View Lodge 

If you seek more premium accommodation in Mesa Verde National Park, the Far View Lodge is just the place for you. Enjoy comfortably furnished rooms and delicious cuisine from three restaurants situated within the premises while gazing into the tranquil landscape. 

The Metate Room is a starred attraction, where you can enjoy sustainable dishes while admiring native American art masterpieces that adorn the restaurant’s walls. Far View Lodge opens from April to October every year.

Choose An Immersive Experience

For recreational go-getters, the park offers several unmissable items for the to-do list. These include stargazing the glittery expanse that hangs above the night sky and participating in engaging guided tours that take you through impressive cave-dwelling structures. Note that you will need to book a tour 14-days in advance for tickets. 


Become a Junior Ranger 

The park offers adventurous souls a special opportunity to experience the grounds as an on-site ranger. Begin your journey at the Visitor and Research Center located at the entrance station of the park and pick up a copy of the Junior Range Booklet where you can tick off on-site tasks and earn yourself a badge. 

Alternatively, you can download a digital version of the booklet and log in to the park’s official website to complete your ranger duties. Either way, the mini obstacle course adds to the experience when you go RVing on your road trip within Mesa Verde National Park. 

Winter Activities Are Self Guided

Park activities will be self-guided in the winter months, so remember to stock up on the seasonal essentials if you decide to take the RV out for a spin during that time. While on-site lodging is unavailable in winter, you may visit nearby communities for accommodation or a lot for parking your RV. 

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