Chasing 70 Degrees In Your RV

chasing 70 degrees with RVnGO

Who Wouldn't Love Living In 70 Degrees All Year Long?

Dealing with extreme weather conditions is always worrying for most road trip enthusiasts. Chasing 70 means traveling to various country destinations during the times of the year when the weather is perfect, and chances of encountering an average 70-degree temperature are higher. This strategy provides an ideal outdoor experience for the traveler.

Renting an RV is the perfect way to set out on a fulfilling, weather-friendly road trip all year. Hiring an RV is a fantastic option for any traveler, including families, as you will get the comforts of home while on the road. Are you ready for an unforgettable 70-degree road trip? Here are the best RV destinations, scenic stops, and parks to visit any time of year chasing the 70-degree weather.

January Is The Perfect Time To Visit Yosemite National Park, California

Visiting a National Park during the winter season will give you a more fulfilling 70-degree experience instead of high summer, when there are so many more sweaty tourists and temperatures are high and miserable. You do not want strange faces featuring in your Instagram shots! Yosemite National Park is famously known for its waterfalls, ancient giant sequoias, deep valleys, and so much more. Yosemite is a suitable destination for any RV camper.

Check The Yoga At Deer Lake Lodge Spa Resort

Where? 10500 Deer Lake Lodge Rd, Montgomery, TX 77316, United States

Yep, you can even find calm in louder-than-life Texas. This hidden haven, a few miles from marvelous Montgomery, edges the Piney Woods and boasts a saltwater pool, spa facilities, vegan menus, and all-day yoga classes. And there’s an on-site RV park to boot. 

In February, Share Some Love At South Padre Island, Texas

Located on Texas’s coastal tip, South Padre Island is best known for its birding and nature center, sea turtle, and enormous outdoor sandcastle in the USA. It’s also full of activities such as horseback riding, beach camping, surfing, kiteboarding, and so much more. It is one great place great to escape cold weather.

March & April Are Fanastic Times To Spend At Jekyll Island, Georgia

Do you love being in nature? Then Jekyll island is a perfect place for you. The golden isles provide an ideal place for games, boating, walks, and breathtaking sunset views. There is also a long stretch of lovely beaches, historic homes, the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, and other sought-after amenities to enjoy in your RV plan.

May Offers Incredible Scenery In The Historic Columbia River Highway, Oregon

Columbia river highway is the oldest scenic route in the United States. As a National Historic Landmark, it displays some of the most astounding views you can ever witness on the road. From Troutdale to Dodson, you meet attractions such as the Vista House, which sits over 700 ft above the Columbia River, to the majestic waterfalls, including LaTourell Wahkeenah Falls and Multnomah Falls. The eastern section from Mosier to Dalles has unique vegetation covers and views.

Enjoy June & July In Glacier National Park, Montana

Are you adventurous but prefer wilderness and solitude? You would love Glacier National Park. Do you see those great desktop backgrounds that you assume are artificial? Glacier National Park is as pretty and natural, of course. You can enjoy the sunshine, especially in springtime, and take advantage of the snow-free trails.

Spend August Exploring The Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota

The Black Hills are a host to many monumental places. They rise out of the western South Dakota landscape to wondrous faces carved on Mount Rushmore and the Custer Park Cathedral Spires. From roaming buffalos to a vast mountainous land to discover, the black hills have unlimited things to explore, especially in a perfect June’s 70-degree weather.

September & October Means Heading South To Reunion Lake RV Resort, Robert, Louisiana

If you love outdoor activities and watching the sun go down, Reunion Lake is your ideal destination. In addition to its extensive camping grounds, Reunion Lake RV Resort has high-end resort amenities and a wide range of lakeside fun such as kayaking and paddleboards, golfing, and even an outdoor amphitheater.

November Along The Pacific Coast Highway, California Is Beautiful For Thanksgiving

Famously known to be among the best drives in the United States, Pacific Coast Highway provides a scenic route to the coastal attraction sites. It connects Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, and other coastal towns toward Monterey’s charming seaside town​. Along the San Francisco Bay, you are guaranteed plenty of exciting places to explore.

December Is Perfect For The Epic Views In Sedona, Red Rock Country, Arizona

Red Rock Country is among the popular tourist attraction sites in the USA. It offers a diverse scenery occupied by ponderosa pine forests to a vast red desert rock formation and endless desert terrain. An RV road trip to this destination will ultimately be memorable. You should also make sure to stop and admire the National Monument, visit the designated wilderness areas and take some photographs! You can stop by the red State Park and plunge in the water slides to have some more fun.

PS - Before You Embark on Your Trip, Read This:

Chasing 70 degrees can land you in some warmer or colder weather when seasons change if you’re not paying attention. Harsh weather is typical, especially in the south and Midwest. Some parts are more humid and other regions like Arizona, Nevada and Texas are dry. This plays a factor in how that 70 degrees feels. As you plan your next trip, monitoring temperatures should be your number one priority. This way, you will know what regions and seasons to avoid, especially those that experience tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and strong winds. You will also need proper monitoring equipment on your trip to help you stay alert in case of sudden weather changes like tornadoes that develop very fast. 

To get the most out of your travel experience, you need to rent an RV to cut costs and for convenience of having the home, kitchen and restroom on wheels.

Start your travel adventure today with RVnGO and enjoy a fulfilling trip.

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