RVnGO and Rovia DreamTrips RV Rentals

RVnGO and CreamTrips
RVnGO and CreamTrips

RVnGO partners with Rovia for RV DreamTrips

RVnGO has partnered with DreamTrips members to exclusively provide RV experiences to its members. RVnGO has arranged a curated experience to offer the best RV rental hosts for DreamTrips vacations, at prices that are unmatched and with the peace of mind that comes with RVnGO's industry leading insurance and roadside assistance. RVnGO believes in bringing people together and we are doing that with the world's first free peer-to-peer rental platform. RV owners list their RVs on RVnGO's platform and puts you directly in touch to arrange your DreamTrip, sort of like Airbnb but for RVs. Other sites charge 30% in transaction fees to the guest and hosts, so on RVnGO you are already start 30% ahead of other RV rental sites. RVnGO went one step further, offer a special DreamTrips member only discount of another 10% or $100 (whichever is great). The special DreamTrips member discount is over and above going direct to the host outside of RVnGO, and then you wouldn't then be covered by RVnGO's industry leading $1 million liability insurance.

For DreamTrips Members that want to Rent an RV

  • DreamTrips members will receive an additional 10% or $100 discount on their RVnGO booking, this is in addition to RVnGO’s already lowest prices.
  • Guests are automatically covered with RVnGO’s industry leading RV rental insurance of up to $1 million in liability coverage and $200,000 damage to the RV.
  • You can add Roadside Assistance for you trip (we highly recommend it). The 24/7 call center will help you with any problems you may have with your RV (forgot where the circuit panel is to reset the microwave?), and will dispatch RV towing or mechanic services if you have a breakdown – and it will cover the expense of towing to the nearest suitable RV repair facility.

For Rovia and DreamTrips Members that want to make Money for RV Rental Listings

We are providing special $200 incentives for Rovia members that want to list their own RV for rent on RVnGO, or refer someone you know to list their RV. The $200 will be paid on the first rental transaction.

  • If it is your own RV, just sign-up for RVnGO and start your listing by clicking here, you will be taken to RVnGO to create your listing and you’ll get $200 extra on your first reservation.
  • If you know someone who would want to list their RV for rent, click here to get more info and you’ll be able to create an RVnGO account and get your unique URL link.

More About the Rovia Partnership with RVnGO for DreamTrips Members

RVnGO, America’s trusted online RV rental marketplace, has partnered with Rovia, industry-leading travel and lifestyle service provider, and DreamTrips, Rovia’s first client to showcase this exciting collaboration. RVnGO is the first peer-to-peer RV rental platform that brings people together without charging any fees to users. People and companies list their RVs for rent on RVnGO because it’s the only online platform that allows them to keep 100% of their rental income. RVnGO also provides peace of mind to RV owners and renters by automatically including RV rental insurance for all rentals covering up to $1 million in liability.


DreamTrips is an award-winning travel membership program focused on making travel simple and seamless for a global community of travelers. Hundreds of thousands of members in over 40 countries enjoy a full product spectrum of travel benefits, including professionally curated trips, incredible destinations, a loyalty program, great savings, daily benefits and more. DreamTrips provides members with expertise, value and convenience for group and personal travel ─ all without the stresses of vacation planning.


The partnership of RVnGO and Rovia aligns two companies with similar values. Both are defined by trust and transparency and bring people together for unforgettable experiences. They provide opportunities for people to explore the world in personal, authentic ways. RVnGO and DreamTrips further empower travelers to create lasting memories with extraordinary vacation options. The addition of RVnGO RV rentals expands the portfolio of travel options – with exclusive discounted rates – for the DreamTrips global travel community of dreamers, adventurers and escapists.


“We’re very excited to bring RV rentals to DreamTrips members, allowing the comforts of home on the road. Travelers who want to explore the United States with the freedom to go wherever their curiosity for adventure takes them can do it now in a recreational vehicle rented from RVnGO. RVing is ideal for camping trips, exploring State and National Parks and reconnecting with nature and those that are important to us,” explained Paul Jenkins, President of Rovia, adding, “We surveyed the sector to bring the best experience to our clients and we found that in RVnGO.”


“RVnGO is honored to provide RV rentals to  DreamTrips members who will have access to a curated inventory of the best RVs available at their members only discounted rate, coupled with the peace of mind of our industry leading insurance coverage,” said Paul Kacir, founder and chief executive officer of RVnGO. “ DreamTrips members will also have a members only incentive to list their own RVs for rent on RVnGO.”


RVnGO was founded by CEO Paul Kacir in 2017 with the mission to bring people together. With thousands of RVs available across the U.S., RVnGO is making it easier for people to get out and RVnGO somewhere. Rovia was founded in 2005 with the mission to create exceptional global travel and lifestyle products with industry-leading companies around the world for individuals and groups. Rovia’s best-in-class travel services have consistently been recognized by the World Travel Awards.

 About RVnGO

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, RVnGO puts RV owners directly in touch with guests that want to rent on its peer-to-peer RV rentals site. It is free for owners to list their RV and use the site and our fleet and customer relationship management tools. Owners get 100% of the booking, the guest pays the 3% credit card processing charge. All rentals processed through the site are automatically insured with our comprehensive rental insurance providing $1 million auto liability coverage and covering damage up to $200,000 to the recreational vehicle, the affordable nightly premium is paid by the guest.


About Rovia

Rovia, LLC is an industry-leading travel and lifestyle service provider offering turnkey solutions for business partners and membership-based travel companies. Through our extensive network of key partners, Rovia powers exceptional travel and lifestyle products and experiences across the globe.


About DreamTrips

DreamTrips is a travel club community where members can experience curated travel opportunities and access deals at selected restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues as well as on excursions in destinations all over the world. The DreamTrips membership appeals to the unique mindset of the traveler who desires to experience the world through the DreamTrips community, with the idea that “the best way to experience the world is together.” For more information, visit www.dreamtrips.com.