RVnGO Partners with One Tree Planted to Support Reforestation

RVnGROW program by RVnGO, partnering with One Tree Planted


APR 22 2022

RVnGROW Initiative Aides in Combating Deforestation


Phoenix, Arizona — RVnGO, creates a new initiative called RVnGROW. The RV rental company is partnering with One Tree Planted to combat deforestation and habitat loss. Changes due to deforestation can affect not only the animals and plant life, but also the people surrounding it. RVnGO empowers customers to enjoy the great outdoors and the wonders traveling and nature can provide. That is why RVnGO and One Tree Planted have partnered to help reforestation efforts beginning on Earth Day 2022.

The new RVnGROW initiative aims to plant a single tree for each RV rental transaction on the RVnGO platform. By working closely with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization aimed at reforestation, RVnGROW will contribute to One Tree Planted to help combat the effects of climate change, promote cleaner air, and provide habitats for biodiversity across the globe. RVnGO provides an easy all-in-one platform for RV rental hosts and customers to find the audience and RVs they need. Hosts and renters processing transactions on the platform will be contributing to improving the world for future generations.


About One Tree Planted

Every year, hectares (100 acres) of land are cleared for housing and logging. These trees serve as homes for animals and reduce air pollution. One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission of reforestation. One Tree Planted has partnered with businesses to engage in reforestation efforts in multiple countries for the better part of a decade. Since 2014, One Tree Planted has placed over 40 million trees in more than 43 countries. With the support of individuals and partners like RVnGO, One Tree Planted aids in environmental conservation and restoration across the globe. Click here to learn more about One Tree Planted and their mission.


About RVnGO

RVnGO is a Pheonix-based company that provides a free  person-to-person online RV rental platform. At RVnGO, recreational vehicle owners (Hosts) can rent out their vehicles to renters (Guests) while avoiding mark-ups or service fees. RVnGO is the only online RV rental platform where Hosts keep 100% of their rental income for each booking. RVnGO also automatically includes RV rental insurance on all rentals. This insurance covers up to $1 million in liability. In addition to industry-leading insurance, RVnGO provides the utmost transparency. Every transaction gives all parties a chance to view itemized fees and know exactly how much their rental will cost. Click here to learn more about RVnGO.

Press Contact: Richard Saling

Chief Marketing Officer: [email protected]