Cummins Revolutionizes RV Power with New Hybrid System: Silent, Clean and Smart

Cummins Hybrid System For RVs

Cummins, a global leader in power and technology, is now introducing a new hybrid power system for recreational vehicles (RVs) that aims to reduce emissions and noise while boosting off-grid power.


As more vehicle manufacturers are transitioning to alternative fuels and energy sources, the RV industry is following suit. Cummins has been exploring how RVers can ease their reliance on gasoline while still enjoying all the off-grid power they need to run camping equipment and accessories at camp. Its new hybrid concept seamlessly blends battery storage and gas-driven generation to decrease noise and emissions while still offering days of power.


The system combines lithium battery technology with Onan RV generators to create a power package that offers smart load management and a user-friendly interface. The system allows campers to venture further and stay longer without worrying about running out of power, especially when there is no access to grid electricity. The large lithium battery is designed to store ample energy for running a variety of onboard camper equipment, on or off grid.


Recently, the company showcased the power system at the Florida RV Super Show which was held at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa.


“We are committed to making people’s lives better by powering a more prosperous world, and exploring new technology is the right move for our business and the road to a more sustainable future,”

said Theodosia Rush, General Manager of Cummins Mobile Power.


For more detail, the concept system features an Onan QG 2800i generator, a 6.7kW-h automotive grade lithium-ion battery pack, and a unique power distribution hub that contains inverter, converter, and charger components in a compact package size. By combining the 2.8kW generator with the lithium-ion battery, RV users can have the same amount of accessible power as a larger 5kW generator with fewer emissions and less noise or vibration. Additionally, the system is solar ready, accepting up to 500W of solar input.


Cummins is dedicated to providing more freedom for RV users on their adventures. The concept system combines the best aspects of lithium-ion and fixed-mount generator technology, providing silent operation and ensuring that the batteries never deplete to zero charge. The company doesn’t share specific plans to bring its hybrid system to market.


The system supports the company’s aspiration and is part of its greater exploration of RV power solutions meant to push the market toward a world with net-zero emissions. This system is also compliant with the 2024 California Air Resource Board (CARB) Small off-road engine (SORE) regulations.


To further solidify its commitment to the RV industry, Cummins has formed a special group of cross-functional experts focused on delivering optimized auxiliary power solutions for recreational and commercial vehicles. The company is excited about the future of this dynamic industry and will continue to make strategic decisions that enhance people’s lives.