Homeschooling During the RV Vacation

Homeschooling while RVing RVnGO

From Homeschooling to Roadschooling

Homeschooling sprang out of the understanding that education doesn’t have to happen in a school. The obvious next step is that understanding is that homeschooling doesn’t have to happen in the home.

Every homeschooling situation is as unique as the family that employs it. Even if you’re not ready to take the leap into full-blown “roadschooling” – living & learning while traveling, primarily in an RV –  a family vacation in an RV can have outstanding educational value to any homeschool curriculum.

Education Value of RV Travel

There are a plethora of ways that a family RV vacation can do double duty as a homeschool field trip. Taking the learning on the road can create a more organic and relaxed style of learning. It also opens avenues for experiential learning that sometimes gets overlooked in all educational settings.

Plan an RV trip that you can create a curriculum around and use local attractions to springboard your children’s interest and learning. Consider the historic relevance of an area as well as the cultural diversity and natural bounty that it offers when thinking of all the ways your children can learn.

Plans for a tour of Civil War sites, a trip to a National Park, or visits to zoos and museums can quickly turn into explorations of the local community and firsthand experience with nature. This kind of learning can spark an interest in learners that drives them to dig deeper later. You may find that your little learner is suddenly fascinated with Amish artisanship, the history of the Cherokee, or the conservation of the Red Wolf.

Hidden Opportunities For Learning

The best part about homeschooling through an RV journey is the hidden opportunities for learning.

As you travel, children have several hidden learning opportunities such as:

  • Planning routes
  • Navigating with a map
  • Fuel and food calculations
  • Research of communities passed through
  • Making campground reservations
  • Auto repair and maintenance

The enrichment added by taking a homeschooling trip in an RV is boundless.

Hitting the Road Doesn't Mean NOT Hitting The Books

Whether you plan a weeklong trip to a specific location or a month-long meander, the addition of an RV trip to a homeschool curriculum is an educational goldmine. The ability to see historic sites, unique locations, and natural elements firsthand while learning about them adds intrinsic value that can ignite a lifelong interest.

Plan your next – or first – RV trip today to expand your homeschooling curriculum. Visit to take the first step to your next learning adventure.