RVnGO is a free platform for Hosts to list and rent their RVs. All rentals processed through the RVnGO site are covered with our $1 million auto liability coverage. There is no monthly premium or cost to the Host, there is a daily insurance premium that is added to any reservation and paid by the Guest. The coverage only applies during the rental and covers both the Guest or driver, and the Host or owner of the RV from liability up to the stated limit per accident. The Guest is responsible for any damage they cause to the RV during the rental. We've tried to make this coverage as simple as possible with our carriers, but see below on spefics for drivers and owners to qualify for coverage. As well, there are limits and exclusions on coverage, for more information or a copy of the policy, contact us at [email protected].

Why you need the rental insurance provided by RVnGO

Regular RV insurance does not cover rentals and will exclude coverage. So Hosts that want to rent their RV will either have to arrange commercial rental insurance that covers RVs or simply process their rentals through RVnGO. For Guests that want to rent an RV that is a motorhome, your regular auto innsurace in most cases will exclude coverage, so if you rent a motorhome RV without RV rental insurance, you may not have any coverage at all and your would not even meet staturory requirements to be on the road. If the Guest is towing the RV (a trailer or fifth wheel or a truck insert for instance) then their regular auto insurance with the towing endorsement will cover the towed RV within the stated limits of your auto policy (there will typically be restrictions on weight and value covered of the towed vehicle). Before RVnGO (we call that era B.R.E for Before RVnGO Era and number those years backwards), there were a couple of choices, Hosts could obtain commercial rental insurance and carry an expensive monthly premium, or require the Guest to obtain a rider on their auto policy that would extend coverage to the RV during the rental period. The problem with getting riders is that most carriers declined them and if they did grant them they were very expensive. Enter a new era, qualified rentals processed through the RVnGO platform are automatically insured, no additional sign ups or account openings, no inspections or qualifications. Both the driver and host are covered and can enjoy peace of mind.

What Hosts Need to Know

The RVnGO coverage only applies to the rental period. The coverage starts the moment the reservation starts and ends at the end of the rental period.So you will still need regular insurance to insure your RV when it is not being rented. That you have regular insurance that at least meets the minimum statutory requirements in the state the RV is located is the only qualifying requirement we have to extend rental coverage to you and your RV. You have no financial obligation to pay premiums, the Guest will be charged a daily premium that will be added to the reservation transaction. The daily premium is very affordable and based on the type of RV, with motorhomes being more expensive than trailers. Our rental coverage covers travel throughout the United States and Canada. One limitation does apply, at this time we can not cover RVs located in the State of New York, we are working on a solution but as of now, we're sorry our program can't cover you but contact us and we can arrange alternative coverage for you and processing on our platform. For more information, contact us directly at [email protected].

What Guests Need to Know

Our insurance coverage extends to the driver and any listed additional drivers (so be sure to list everyone that is an additional driver in the booking quote). All drivers must have a valid drivers license and be 25 years of age or older. Each driver, and additional driver, is required to complete a profile on our site and upload a copy of their drivers license, and present the drivers license to the Host on Check-In. Our insurance only applies during the rental period, you are not insured outside the rental period. If you are towing the RV, such as a trailer or insert, our coverage only covers the RV and does not cover the towing vehicle. You will need to have regular insurance for the towing vehicle that meets at least the minimum requirements in your state. Coverage covers travel in the United States and Canada, it DOES NOT COVER TRAVEL TO MEXICO. Other typical exclusions apply, such as intentional damage or damage from war and acts of God. For more information, contact us directly at [email protected].

If you are a Guest, you understand that RVnGO aon it's own behalf or as agent for it's insurance carriers and or the Host and/or it's insurance carriers, or the Host and/or their insurance carriers may wish to make a claim under your automotive, homeowner's, renter's or other insurance policy related to any damage or loss that you may have caused or been responsible for or to an RV or any personal or other property. You agree to cooperate with and assist such party in good faith, and to provide RVnGO with such information as may be reasonably requested by such party, in order to make a claim under your automotive, homeowner's, renter's or other insurance policy, including, but not limited to, executing documents and taking such further acts as such party may reasonably request to assist in accomplishing the foregoing.