How It Works

Connecting RV owners or Hosts with people who want to rent an RV or Guests, RVnGO is the largest trusted online marketplace where RVs can be also be bought, sold and rented. Whether it’s for a festival in the desert, a romantic weekend on the coast, or a family trip to the Grand Canyon via Route 66.

RVnGO makes it easy for people to try before they buy, helping Guests locate their perfect RV, while providing security and comfort through an easy to navigate experience.

Yes! RVnGO can help you to earn extra dollars by renting out your RV when you aren’t using it. Average rates vary from $80-$250 per night, depending on the RV, dates, or season. Most owners can pay for their RV by renting it 3-5 nights per month, allowing you to enjoy it the rest of the time, or expand rental availability and just watch the money roll in!

We are the first free peer-to-peer platform, directly connecting Hosts and Guests. It is free to list and there are no Host fees, the Host gets 100% of their booking. We only charge the guest with 3% credit card processing fee. We then send you free leads and give you all the tools you need to manage your RV rentals, including fleet management tools if want to rent more than one RV. We make our money by selling compelling value added services.

An additional way to make incremental income is to provide supplementary services. You could offer to outfit the RV with Bathroom, Bedroom, Entertainment, Kitchen, and Outdoor hospitality packages or include a few of them in your basic rate.


Bathroom- Curling Iron, Hair Dryer, Robes, Shampoo, Soap, Supplies for Cleaning, Towels, TP

Bedroom- Blankets, Mattress Pad, Pillows, Sheets

Entertainment- Books, Cards, CDs, Board/Video Games, DVDs, Puzzles, Satellite, Wi-Fi, Xbox

Kitchen- Cookware, Condiments, Dishes, Outdoor BBQ, Spices, Supplies for Cleaning, Utensils

Outdoor- Bikes, Bike Racks, Generator, Lawn Chairs, Moped, Telescope, Umbrella

Other amenities that renters might find of value are transportation to and from the airport, a cleaning waiver, not having to top off fuel, propane or water, as well as not having to do a tank dump.

RVnGO provides you with a one-stop shop. RVnGO’s customized search engine helps to find your perfect RV with ease. RVnGO securely processes payments for the Host and Guest, so no financial information is exchanged. RVnGO also offers identity verification to further safeguard the community.

No, it doesn't cost anything at all to join RVnGO. Registering as a user gives you a personalized communication experience that protects your identity, where you can send and receive messages, as well as see your listings and upcoming trips.

Yes, you can rent and/or buy RVs on RVnGO. We are the largest site dedicated to buying, selling and renting RVs. We provide the marketplace where RV owners, buyers, and renters can buy or rent RVs directly between themselves.

RVnGO understands that it might be hard to make the financial commitment to buy an RV, but you might still want to go RVing, so we make it easy to try RVing by renting an RV. Perhaps you plan to go RVing only a week or two a year, or just a couple of weekends, then renting is the perfect solution!

We take away the hassles of trying to rent, we give you one site where you can search and find your perfect RV. All rentals processed through RVnGO are automatically covered by our $1 million auto liability insurance that covers the Host and Guest during the rental. For more info, see our Insurance FAQs or contact us at [email protected]. We will process the payments, so the RV owner and renter don't have to exchange financial information.

RVnGO provides the marketplace for RV owners and dealers to list their RVs for rent, making it easy, safe and fair for everyone to transact, but we don't own the actual RVs. RV owners and dealers (we call them Hosts) make the deals directly between themselves and you, RVnGO delivers a secure and trusted platform to make it easy for everyone and provides peace of mind for each rental with our $1 million auto liability insurance coverage.

About Renting

Signing up as a member of the RVnGO community allows you to access the fastest growing online one-stop shop marketplace for RV sales and rental. As a registered member, you will be able to exchange private messages with other members in a secure environment, as well as have access to a customized "Dashboard" where your listings, messages, reviews and upcoming trips will be displayed. You'll also be eligible for RVnGO promotions and giveaways!

No, a special driver license to rent or drive an RV is not mandatory. You may drive most RVs with a standard Class D license, however, you should be completely comfortable with driving the motorhome you're renting, or with the trailer you're towing, as well as that your vehicle is capable of towing the trailer. Some states may require additional endorsements to drive the largest and heaviest of vehicles. To confirm, check this site for details http://changingears.com/rv-sec-state-rv-license.shtml.

There is no charge to look around RVnGO to rent. If you are interested in communicating with a Guest or a Host on RVnGO, you will need to sign up, which is, also, completely free!

Once you've found the RV you want to rent, send a message to the owner of that RV to confirm availability and arrange the terms of your rental. RVnGO protects member’s privacy until an agreed upon booking has occurred and then personal contact information is exchanged.

RVnGO will facilitate the payment process for both of you, via Stripe, secure your reservation with the agreed upon deposit amount and payment terms so you as the renter or Guest and owner or Host don't have to exchange financial information. The Guest will pay for the rental, and we will release the rental funds to the Host once you've picked up the RV and are satisfied with it.

RVnGO provides the marketplace for RV owners and dealers to list their RVs for rent, making it easy, safe and fair for everyone to transact, but we don't own the actual RVs. RV owners and dealers (we call them Hosts) make the agreement directly with you, RVnGO delivers a secure and trusted platform to make it easy for everyone.

RVnGO is a free platform for Hosts to list and rent their RVs. All rentals booked and processed through the RVnGO platform are automatically covered by our $1 million auto liability insurance coverage, giving Guests and Host peace of mind. Most regular insurance policies exclude coverage for RVs, so without our insurance you would have no insurance and would not be able to be legally be on the road. For more info, see our Insurance FAQs or contact us at [email protected].

No, in almost all cases, the insurance coverage offered by credit card companies when booking a rental vehicle on their card does not apply to RVs. Check the terms and conditions of your specific credit card to confirm whether or not this coverage is available.

Payment for the total RV rental will be made to RVnGO by the Guest or renter and will be held in trust by Stripe, our merchant banker, until possession of the RV has occurred. If the RV is unavailable for any reason, or unsatisfactory in accordance with our Rental Satisfaction Guaranty Policy, we will refund your payment. At the end of the rental, when the vehicle is returned, we will refund any damage deposit to the Guest if there is no damage. In the case damage did occur, RVnGO will release the amount of damage caused to the Host and return any balance to the Guest.

RVnGO recommends taking a walk around, inside and out of, the RV to inspect for pre-existing damage. Just like you would when you rent a car, note any problems you see (photos with your camera are a good idea, so there isn't a dispute on who caused the damage).

The Host should familiarize you with how the RV works. Check that the electrical, gas, mechanical and septic systems are in operating order and reference manuals for each are available. Also, insure that there is a quality spare tire, fire extinguishers, and smoke detectors included.

Lastly, place emergency contact information in a handy location in the event a breakdown or accident occurs.

For more information, see our Renter's Checklist on the Resources Page.