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Campervan Rental in Phoenix, AZ • 2005 Ford Expeditioner • From $79 a night

Additional Fees & Deposits
200 miles/night incl.

Bring it Back as clean as you picked it up, and avoid the $65 cleaning fee!!


Bring it back to us cleaner than when you picked it up, and there's no cleaning charge. (we handle all the sheets and towels...don't worry about those!)

Screw-Top Water Jugs


MUST BE SCREW-TOP TO AVOID SPILLS!! We have 4 on board when you pick up. Please pick up replacements, or you can choose to have us replentish them for you if you wish.

1lb Coleman Propane Containers


MUST BE SCREW-TOP TO AVOID SPILLS!! We have 4 on board when you pick up. Please pick up replacements, or you can choose to have us replentish them for you if you wish.
NOTE: Book it quick; VERY high demand at our price-point.

See our 3-min informational walk-around Video here: https://youtu.be/G-8fGHZGW0k

"We wouldn't hesitate to rent it again!!" -Sarah S., Ontario, Canada

"Can't recommend the truck enough. Bed is excellent, and the rig is supplied with everything you could ever need." -Chris L, Boulder, Colorado

"We really enjoyed the flexibility of just pulling over wherever we wanted and sleeping. The stove, the table, the chairs, everything worked great. Thanks!" -Brandon O, Honolulu, Hawaii

As you may be able to tell...we're SUPER-passionate about sharing and promoting the Great Outdoors to our family and friends, and are looking forward to sharing our Ford Expedition-based 4x4 Adventure Rig with you!

It was converted by a professional fabrication shop here in Phoenix, AZ, and then outfitted and decked out with all the gear you will need by us...folks who have 30+ years of camping experience.

It's probably the easiest RV you'll EVER drive..."Bluebird, the Adventure Rig, can slip into any parking spot, can be switched into 4 Wheel Drive and taken down any dirt road to find your own free campsite in the woods, can be easily taken to special events, and gets up 16-17mpg on the highway...and DOESN'T take the expensive Diesel fuel that some RVs do.

Road trips couldn't more fun and easy, or inexpensive than in "Bluebird, the Adventure Rig". No hotel cost, no rental car cost, no advanced reservations needed...you just jump in, head to the lake, the woods, a nearby hike, and camp when you feel like it, wherever you feel like it!!

FREE transport from PHX Sky Harbor International Airport via Uber (you must have the Uber App...just screenshot the price you paid for the 15-20 minute trip to get to us, and we'll reimburse you for it!!) The Commuter Train (50-min) comes directly from the airport and stops only 2 blocks from the house. Other options are Taxi, Execucar, SuperShuttle, private helicopter, sherpa, bicycle, roller skates, etc. to our house, which are all non-reimbursable. :-)

Our 3-minute walk-around video: https://youtu.be/xJyr6M9pw48

"Bluebird, the Adventure Rig's time-saving and convenient features:
Refrigerator/Freezer, 2-burner stove, cookware and cooking utensil kit including French Press coffee maker, plates/cups/forks/napkins/etc, cruise control, leather seats, dual AC/Heat, 5" thick VERY comfortable memory-foam mattress and premium bedding, device-charging cords/outlets, 120v house-current inverter for charging laptops...all super-helpful in exploring your way to your next great spot to discover!!

o Stop by a roadside Farmer's Market for some fresh veggies and fruits, or drop into the local grocery store and score yourself some of your favorites...all simple to refrigerate in our included fridge, and then heat/cook/boil/saute on our included 2-burner propane stove and included cookware and utensils.

o Our comfy memory-foam mattress, plush bedding, upgraded linens, and on-board catalytic propane heater will make your adventure more than comfortable when you bed down at night. Bluebird's bed is 50" wide and 80" long...the length of a Queen, and the width of a full. Kevin is 6'4" tall, and can comfortably sleep in it.

o And, once you find another great (free!) camping spot, relax in the evening with a bottle of wine or a cold beer, and relax in our included camp chairs. There's even a tarp included to make some shade if you like.

o Fixing meals is a snap too...on-board refrigerator, propane stove, folding table, cookware, utensils, and a French Press coffee maker will leave you with TONS of options when you get hungry or thirsty.

o Bluebird the Adventure Rig comes pre-stocked with four screw-top 1-gallons of drinking water, and four 1-pound Coleman propane containers, which are found at most any grocery store, camping store, or hardware store. (Just replace what you use so that its there for the next Adventurer!)

o It's a VERY easy-to-drive vehicle, as we have eliminated the typical blind spots you get with a large RV. It has an excellent turning-radius, and it's ridiculously easy to pass slower drivers, and easy to park...which will SUBSTANTIALLY reduce your stress of driving during the day, and eliminates the delays and stress of driving a larger rig...down-shifting and barely creeping up hills...stopping for gas frequently...trying to pass on 2-lane roads...all that: GONE!!

Also, there's no requirement to spend time planning out every single day...travel at the speed you like, stop where you want!! :-)

Reserve now before it books!

    Inside Features

  • CD
  • FM Radio
  • Factory Cab Air
  • Rear Living
  • Roof Air
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove
  • Kitchen Dinnet
  • Wash Basin
  • Kitchen Table

    Outside Features

  • Outside Kitchen

    Other Features

  • Propane Tank
Within the 85021 Zip Code (exact location provided upon booking)
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