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Class-A RV Rental in Chula Vista, CA • 2016 Thor Vegas-24 • From $159 a night

Class A
Additional Fees & Deposits
100 miles/night incl.
4 hours/night incl.

Up to 5.0 gallons propane refill


Septic tanks cleaning


Deep cleaning dog cleaning fee


(Urine, stains, excessive hair, damages will be billed separately at the rate of $65.00/hour)

Interior cleaning (Hourly Rate) if not returned cleaned inside


Delivery and pick up (Price per mile)


Departing address 111 N. 2nd Ave., Chula Vista CA 91910

Linens, bedding/sleeping bags, pillows and towels for up to 3 guests

Thank you for clicking on our RV link and by that the opportunity to earn your business and trust. I highly encourage you to search our business name RV Camping Rental on Google so you can read what prior customers have experienced by renting from us.

Our beautiful Class A motorhome only measures 24.5', therefore is super easy to drive, park and navigate with the comfort of the class A roomy interiors vs the class C's.

The huge windshield will give you plenty of visibility while traveling. The dashboard has a table coming fwd so your co-pilot can use their laptop while driving or at your campsite.

It has a very efficient mid size floor plan suitable for a family of 3-5 guests, it depends on how many adults and children are in your party as well as the level of privacy and/or comfort desired.

The living area has a slide out that makes the space bigger, there is a sofa within the slide out which can become a double bed at night time. There are two bases in front of the sofa where the dining table can be mounted, this means your sitting area on the now dinetter will be 2 - 3. As you can see from the pictures, the two front driving captain chairs can be rotated, install the small table and become another dinette for two.

Kitchen counter becomes very spacious when you close the lid on the stove as well as open up the counter extender. It has a gas 3 burner stove top, and a convection microwave oven.

Conveniently stocked with a ton of cooking utensils, pots, pans, Keurig coffee pot, dishware, silverware, drinking cups, coffee cups, dishwashing liquid and kitchen towel. Included as well is toilet paper, hand towel, cleaning tools, and trash bags. Please let me know if you prefer to bring your own so we can remove these items for you. It comes with camping chairs, bedding, towels, etc the only thing you need to bring is your clothing, personal items, toys and relax.

Because it only measures almost 25', it will be EXTREMELY EASY for you to drive it, specially if you are experienced driving a large SUV, full size truck or moving van. There are a ton of campsites available for this length as well as accepted on any National and Regional Park, State Beaches or RV Resorts everywhere in US.

Main bedroom in the rear has its own TV to relax at night watching a movie or your favorite sport. Best of all is that you can use the beds/benches layout to be used as two separate single size beds or if you set it up differently it can become a KING SIZE bed! Yeay!

The bathroom is very compact but it has all the amenities needed to do its job, after all...our guests are going camping :-)

It has a ramp on the back mounted to the hitch where you can secure your bicycles, water toy, scooters or anything else that you can accommodate there. Your load has to be below 300.0 lbs.

The Vegas is an EXCELLENT choice for those small families that don't feel comfortable driving large rigs or that will be camping at very tight locations. This RV handles and drives like a DREAM, we feel confident you will love it. For sure a great option for those beginners or the ones that prefer to stay within the smaller but yet comfortable range.

We always go above an beyond to make sure that all of our customers will have a safe and reliable traveling experience, this is why we use the highest quality parts and materials, maintenance, full inspection prior a reservation starts, etc.

NOTE: All reservations for which we will be the ones delivering and picking up, and the RV will not be moved or transported by the customer will receive a greatly reduced damage deposit; please let me know along with the Campground and site number that needs to be delivered to so I manually override the system with the lower deposit. Also, if your reservation falls into a high-risk event such as NASCAR, EDC, Coachella or Stagecoach but you are NOT attending this event, let me know so I can manually change your rental rate. All those going to any of these events will have a higher deposit due to due risk involved.


1. Delivery, set up and pick up
2. Sewer tanks dumping, flushing several times and sanitizing
3. Exterior wash for those trips that will collect a lot of bugs, dirt or sand
4. San Diego International Airport, CBX or LAX round-trip transportation
5. Interior cleaning (hourly rate)
6. One-way rentals (we need to be reimbursed for the cost to travel to the RV location and drive it back to San Diego)
7. Chauffeur (hourly rate)
8. Linens, blankets or sleeping bags, pillows and towels for shower use only:

    Inside Features

  • CD
  • FM Radio
  • Factory Cab Air
  • Roof Air
  • Refrigerator
  • Front Living
  • Stove
  • TV DVD
  • Front Kitchen
  • Shower
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Kitchen Dinnet
  • Wash Basin
  • Toilet
  • Kitchen Table

    Outside Features

  • Outside TV
  • Outside Shower
  • Awning
  • Bike Rack

    Other Features

  • Generator
  • Propane Tank
Within the 91910 Zip Code (exact location provided upon booking)
Meet Your Host
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$159 A NIGHT
(minimum 2 night rental)
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Other Charges That May Apply

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per extra hr.
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